Sanford providers Wendy Vetter and Karla Salem discuss seasonal affective disorder for women's podcast

Ep. 14: Seasonal affective disorder intensifies mood

18 min  ⋅ January 16th
Two Sanford Health providers bring seasonal affective disorder – and treatment for it – into the sunlight

Ep. 17: Concussions treated quickly can recover quickly

38 min  ⋅ November 16th
Neuropsychologist Josefine Combs, PsyD, calls concussions a spectrum to take seriously
Newborn baby girl right after delivery, shallow focus

Ep. 13: The transition from postpartum to parenting

22 min  ⋅ November 14th
Sanford Health doctors explain how they provide whole-person support for parents and newborns
Health care provider in scrubs speaks into a microphone at a conference table.

Ep. 12: Choosing a hospital for labor and delivery

25 min  ⋅ October 20th
OB/GYN recommends making appointments, taking a tour and asking lots of questions
Dr. Chris Johansen smiles while wearing scrubs and sitting next to a microphone.

Ep. 10: Mammogram callbacks: Should you be worried?

19 min  ⋅ October 3rd
Sanford Health radiologist Chris Johansen, MD, eases anxiety about breast cancer imaging
Sanford doctor in respirator mask speaks into a microphone.

Ep. 16: Sanford fertility expert helps same-sex couples

25 min  ⋅ June 20th
Providing reproductive medicine care appropriate for all genders and sexual orientations

Ep. 15: COVID and the important connection to heart health

24 min  ⋅ April 11th
Dr. Tom Stys says COVID infections plus our pandemic lifestyle can make heart disease worse.

Ep. 11: Importance of getting the HPV vaccine

20 min  ⋅ February 9th
The HPV vaccine can prevent cervical cancer and other cancers later on in life. Dr. Brooke Jensen, discusses the importance of this vaccine.
Dr. Donella Herman discusses orthobiologics during a podcast recording

Ep. 9: Regenerative medicine options for orthopedic pain

43 min  ⋅ December 13th
Harnessing the body's own resources to promote healing for orthopedic pain

Ep. 12: New treatment options for orthopedic pain

26 min  ⋅ December 6th
Regenerative medicine and orthobiologics use our own bodies in healing
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