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When you’re ready for baby, Sanford Women’s is here for you

No matter what stage of family planning you’re in, when you’re ready, Sanford Women’s is here to provide the services and care you need.
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Sanford expands service to Mitchell area

Sanford Clinic Mitchell welcomes doctor and expands services.
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Sanford Breast Health Institute celebrates 20th anniversary

At Sanford Breast Health Institute (BHI), the New Year marks 20 years of breast health service to the area. Over the past two decades, BHI has grown from a screening center to a full team of breast health professionals who diagnose and treat breast cancer. “At Sanford Breast Health Institute, patients are supported by a […]
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Before baby: Preparing for pregnancy

by Meredith Kemper, MD, Sanford Clinic Women’s Health You have a lot to consider as you and your partner begin to consider adding a new life to your family. Before you start saving for your child’s college fund, you will want to engage in preconception planning with simple steps you can take to minimize the […]
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Fertile Hope offers help to cancer patients with infertility

Patients who are diagnosed with cancer face many emotional and physical challenges including the possibility that treatments meant to save their life may impact fertility. For many young people, the thought of being sterile can be almost as devastating as the cancer diagnosis itself. To assist cancer patients in their reproductive years, several local physicians […]
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Healthy skin for life

by Heather Karu, MD , Sanford Clinic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Vivaz Medical Spa We’ve all heard that little voice in our head when we look in the mirror, sometimes it says “You’ve got it goin’ on, girl!” Other times it may say “Where did that beautiful skin go?” With a little TLC, everyone […]
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Sanford Breast Health Institute opens satellite office

Sanford Breast Health Institute has expanded its cancer prevention and screening services to Watertown, opening a satellite location in Sanford Clinic Watertown. Sanford Breast Health Institute Watertown is now offering the most advanced digital mammography technology to women throughout the area. Sanford Breast Health Institute Watertown is the first healthcare provider in the city to […]
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Sanford Health sponsors Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

It began 25 years ago with one woman’s promise to her dying sister to end breast cancer. This fall, that promise will unite hundreds of people from the prairie. Sanford Health announced today plans to partner with the South Dakota Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure to sponsor the Komen South Dakota Race […]
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