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Father and son drinking water, talking at kitchen sink

Resolutions busted already? Here are some quick fixes

Don't wait for next year to reset your goals. You can start fresh each week.
Michelle Erpenbach 5 min read
weight loss patient before and after

Woman’s weight loss journey helped along at Sanford Health

Weight loss surgery, commitment to healthy lifestyle keys to long-term success
Jason Anschutz 6 min read
Fruit and vegetable salad, tape measure, and glucometer with result of measurement sugar level.

Artificial intelligence helps spot diabetes risk

Patient charts tell physicians why a patient may be prone to type 2 diabetes
Carson Walker 6 min read
Karlee Yeager before and after losing 100 pounds with profile by Sanford

Sanford Health helps employee discover a healthier lifestyle

Karlee Yeager's employer helped her find Profile by Sanford
Profile by Sanford 5 min read
Salmon with a side of asparagus make a good meal with a healthy protein

Keep an eye on quality and quantity of protein in diet

Protein plays crucial role in our body systems and can help us feel full longer
Jane Thaden Lawson 5 min read

A healthy diet: Your first line of defense against disease

Along with exercise, a balanced diet helps to ward off chronic illness
Simon Floss 5 min read
Two women walk on treadmills in the background with a row of dumbbells prominent in the foreground.

Personal trainers add expertise and fun to exercise plan

Hiring a personal trainer is an investment in an effective workout regimen
Mick Garry 10 min read
Hands Holding A Smartphone . Central Park,Manhattan, New York City US

Research group studies eating disorders, weight loss surgery

Center for Biobehavioral Research surveys patients remotely, in real time
Jane Thaden Lawson 11 min read
Overhead view of multigenerational family holding hands around a full Thanksgiving table with turkey at the center.

4 tips and 3 yummy recipes to make your Thanksgiving healthy

Try Keto, gluten-free or vegetarian/vegan-friendly swaps for favorite dishes
Profile by Sanford 6 min read
Nate Malloy posing in front of Sanford Profile signage

Nate Malloy: ‘Profile changes lives’

Meet an early leader of Sanford weight loss & health coaching business
Jared Leighton 8 min read