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Two women walk on treadmills in the background with a row of dumbbells prominent in the foreground.

Personal trainers add expertise and fun to exercise plan

Hiring a personal trainer is an investment in an effective workout regimen
Mick Garry 10 min read
Hands Holding A Smartphone . Central Park,Manhattan, New York City US

Research group studies eating disorders, weight loss surgery

Center for Biobehavioral Research surveys patients remotely, in real time
Jane Thaden Lawson 11 min read
Overhead view of multigenerational family holding hands around a full Thanksgiving table with turkey at the center.

4 tips and 3 yummy recipes to make your Thanksgiving healthy

Try Keto, gluten-free or vegetarian/vegan-friendly swaps for favorite dishes
Profile by Sanford 6 min read
Weight loss surgery patient George Miller outside Sanford Family Wellness Center.

After weight loss surgery: ‘Half the man I once was’

From 356 pounds to running marathons, George Miller has stayed committed to goal
Taya Ordahl 8 min read
Group of people smiling and giving thumbs up for losing weight.

The Wrucke family’s weight loss journey: In it together

Family encourages each other, uses Profile coaching & products to lose weight
Profile by Sanford 6 min read
weight loss surgery: Woman posing on a couch

How weight loss surgery improves overall health

Sleep problems, digestive issues, high blood pressure and other conditions can be eased.
SHN Staff 4 min read
fruit, hand weight and scale for healthy weight gain

How to gain healthy weight

It is critical to your health to not gain or lose too much body fat.
SHN Staff 5 min read
women running

Sioux Falls Women Run teams up with Sanford POWER

“You can only become so good at running by running itself. Eventually you will hit a plateau."
Charlie Schuknecht 5 min read
Obesity: Closeup of the face of an analog bathroom scale pointing at 175 pounds. Obesity and heart disease are closely related.

Obesity and the heart: Not a death sentence

Vascular coronary surgery is very much like plumbing: You need good inflow, good conduit and good outflow.
SHN Staff 8 min read
healthy changes: Deelstra and Kennedy

Family history and role models prompt healthy changes

She made time for exercise after her dad's health scare and fiance's example.
Jacqueline Palfy 7 min read