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A sporty young woman drinking water while exercising at the gym.

Hydration: What athletes need to know

How to tell if you're drinking enough water before, during and after exercise
Ellen Koester 4 min read
Woman warming up before training in the weight room.

Caffeine + exercise: A winning combo?

What science says about a cup (or two) of coffee before your workout
Ellen Koester 4 min read
Assorted nuts in white dishes on wooden table.

7 healthy snacks for athletes on the go

When rushing to practice, reach for these healthier foods for the road
Justin Kautz 4 min read
Close-up of using foam roller and massaging his leg muscles during gym workout.

Speed up your recovery with blood flow restriction therapy

BFR and low-intensity exercise let you keep training safely during rehabilitation
Ellen Koester 4 min read
Strong and healthy father and a personal trainer, teaching and training his son at a gym.

When and how should my child start athletic training?

As early as middle school, training focuses on how kids can best move their bodies
Ellen Koester 4 min read
Two girls chase another young basketball player down the court.

To raise a better athlete, don’t specialize

Young athletes get more benefits from multiple sports, health research shows
Justin Kautz 6 min read
Fitness instructor helping female athlete with lifting weights at the gym.

Why your athlete needs to train year-round

Players of all ages can benefit from strength and conditioning programs
Ellen Koester 4 min read
Male running on treadmill at the gym.

Run faster this spring with winter training

Adjust your running plan to fit the season with time to recover from competition
Ellen Koester 4 min read
A young man with a determined expression holds a medicine ball in the Sanford POWER Irvine training gym.

Pro-level coaching open to all abilities at Sanford POWER

Trainers share same principles whether prepping athletes for NFL or youth sports
Mick Garry 10 min read
Father and son drinking water, talking at kitchen sink

Resolutions busted already? Here are some quick fixes

Don't wait for next year to reset your goals. You can start fresh each week.
Michelle Erpenbach 5 min read