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Sioux Falls Women Run teams up with Sanford POWER

“You can only become so good at running by running itself. Eventually you will hit a plateau."
Avatar Charlie Schuknecht 5 min read
Two track athletes in the starting blocks

Sanford POWER offers track prep program

"It’s an all-encompassing program and there is a wide focus to it."
Avatar Charlie Schuknecht 4 min read
Sioux Falls marathon runners

Marathon tapering: Tips from a veteran runner

Relentless forward motion with a bit of gratitude will get you to the finish line. And try not to sabotage yourself.
Jacqueline Palfy Jacqueline Palfy 7 min read
Fresh foods and plenty of water add quality to marathon week nutrition

Marathon week nutrition

Should you load up on pizza and pasta before a race? These tips can help.
Lizzie Kasparek Lizzie Kasparek 10 min read
A woman running on a highway

Five ways to reduce over-striding

Over-striding is a common running mistake seen in distance runners. This running fault (image 1 below) occurs when an athlete makes contact with the ground too far in front of their center of gravity, which increases shock and decreases performance. Ideal initial contact should occur under a runner’s center of gravity (image 2 below) and […]
Al Kraft Al Kraft 4 min read
Linda Helgeson running against the sky

5K hooks woman now running marathons in her 50s

“I know a lot of people who can’t, and being able to is a privilege for me. You’d be amazed at what you can do.”
Jacqueline Palfy Jacqueline Palfy 6 min read
woman running outside

Sioux Falls Marathon: Free training tips to finish strong

Upcoming Facebook Live events feature experts to help runners for all distances and experience.
Jacqueline Palfy Jacqueline Palfy 4 min read
Kelsey Herrick, dietician, smiling at camera

Recovery nutrition tips after your run

One of the goals of sports nutrition is to improve the training outcomes. If your race is a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon being well-fueled at the beginning of your run is important, but so is the recovery at the end of your workout. Kelsey Herrick is a senior dietitian at Sanford Health and […]
Scott Seiler Scott Seiler 2 min read
Under-fueling can hinder running performance

Fueling for the long run: Are you eating enough?

The Fargo Marathon is fast approaching, and in preparation runners are out logging hundreds of miles on the roads and trails. As the mileage increases and runners hit the peak weeks of their training, nutrition becomes increasingly important. Despite this, many endurance athletes may not be eating enough calories to support that training and can […]
Lizzie Kasparek Lizzie Kasparek 6 min read
Woman doing front squat with barbell

Strength training tips for runners

By Charley Smook, Sioux Falls POWER coach Most runners think strength training will cause them to bulk up and slow down. The truth is ALL runners need to strength train. The key to a fast time is having a higher running economy. In simple terms, runner’s economy is stride frequency X stride length. To get […]
SHN Staff SHN Staff 4 min read