Digital Health Awards honor Sanford Fit kids website

Interactive fitness activities help kids recognize emotions and make healthy choices

Digital Health Awards honor Sanford Fit kids website

Sanford Fit was selected as a winner in the 23rd annual Digital Health Awards program. This competition — held each spring and fall — recognizes the world’s best digital health resources.

The video “Recognizing Feelings and Emotions” received a Gold Award for Digital Health Media/Publications: Video, and the “fitBoost Activity for Kids” received a Bronze Award for Web-based Digital Health: Interactive Content/Rich Media.

In the animated video, “Recognizing Feelings and Emotions,” a diverse group of children discovers that it is normal to experience a wide range of feelings and emotions throughout the day, and that these emotions can influence the choices they make. Through engaging storytelling, the children demonstrate healthy coping strategies kids can put into practice when in need.

The “fitBoost Activity for Kids” is an interactive game that provides a quick, fun three- to five-minute workout at the push of a button. Three random activities combine for a warmup, movement and cooldown, using an optional timer.

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Those involved in the production and design of the “Recognizing Feelings and Emotions” video and the “fitBoost Activity for Kids” are Sanford Health’s Amy Baete, Donna Hardie, Shelby Braun, Brittney Nathan, Shelby Huber, Katrina Anderson and Tabitha Merkle.

“We were delighted to participate in the 23rd annual Digital Health Awards competition, and were honored to be selected as a winner in two categories,” said Baete, director of Sanford Fit. “Our winning entries were chosen from more than 500 entries judged by a panel of distinguished experts in digital health media.”

Sanford Fit is a health activation program from Sanford Health, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, developed to empower children and families to make healthy lifestyle choices. The program is grounded on four pillars essential to building awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, guiding decision-making, and improving self-management skills. The program provides free, online, educational materials designed to captivate children’s attention, educate them about important health topics, and activate healthy behaviors.

The Health Information Resource Center, organizer of the Digital Health Awards, is a national information clearinghouse for professionals who work in consumer health fields. Other well-known HIRC programs include the annual National Health Information Awards, which annually recognizes the nation’s best consumer health information in non-digital formats.

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