Sneezing uncontrollably? Know when to see a specialist

If your usual approach isn’t working, allergy symptoms might mean an infection

Sneezing uncontrollably? Know when to see a specialist

It’s officially that time of year.

Flowers are blooming, trees have leaves, and grass is finally green again.

And, we’re all sneezing. A lot.

That’s right, allergy season is back upon us. Now it’s all the more important to see Sean Johnson, M.D., who’s a surgeon at Sanford Health Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

It might not be what you think

Sure, allergies are very common. You can take over-the-counter medications, and your symptoms may go away.

“However, if you’re finding that those treatments are not working or you’re requiring them more often, or you’re requiring additional medications (like antibiotics), it’s then a good idea to come in and see us.

“We can figure out if it truly is an allergy issue, or if there might be something else going on that we can fix,” said Dr. Johnson.

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It’s important to figure out the root of the cause early, so it doesn’t impact quality of life, Dr. Johnson added.

“Problems breathing or your voice. Most of the time, that’s the extent of it. Sometimes there are rare issues where they can potentially be life-threatening, or infections that are not treated can be much more serious, and may require substantial treatments.

“It’s a wide range of potential outcomes,” he said.

No symptom too small

Dr. Johnson said if a patient has a concern about any issue, whether big or small, the safest bet is to come and see the team at Sanford Health.

“Most things are probably not going to cause serious issues. But, if people have concerns or have any question about what’s going on, it’s definitely a good idea to come in and for us to take a peek, just to make sure there’s not something that needs to be done,” said Dr. Johnson.

And, he said he and his team’s top priority is always caring for patients.

“Patients should feel safe and comfortable. When we evaluate them, they should be assured we have their best interests at heart.”

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