COVID-19 vaccine advocate shares his journey

Rehabilitation supervisor at Good Samaritan Society says ‘there’s nothing to it’

COVID-19 vaccine advocate shares his journey

Reuben Jackson feels really blessed to get his first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“It’s a relief. Hopefully, it’s a step closer to us getting back to some normalcy,” Jackson says.

If you’ve been around Jackson, the rehabilitation supervisor of Good Samaritan Society – Fort Collins Village, you know there’s nothing to it.

Documenting the journey

Jackson is posting his entire COVID-19 vaccine journey on social media.

“This is a monster that we’ve been dealing with. It kind of consumed our whole 2020, the year 2020. Separated a lot of families. A lot of families lost loved ones,” Jackson says.

The way out, in his opinion, is to get the vaccine.

“I feel like I needed to do my part to get communities and my colleagues and my friends to at least consider taking the vaccine,” Jackson says.

A leader in rehabilitation

This inspiring leadership is nothing new. Whether it’s chipping in to help those less fortunate or developing individual rehab plans for Society residents and community members, Jackson is all in.

“He really does a good job and I appreciate all he’s done for me,” long-term care resident Richard Paul says.

Paul enjoys his time in the gym.

“Before, I had a lot of falls,” Paul says.

The 87-year-old is building strength with Jackson at his side.

Paul says the hope is to “be a lot more steady on my feet and maybe eventually I won’t need the walker to walk around with.”

Watch now: Hear more from Reuben on preventing falls

While safety protocols have changed during the pandemic, Jackson says the level of care hasn’t.

“What we do to get seniors involved is just making it fun. We try not to make it like a chore,” Jackson says.

Making progress with a smile is more important. From long-term care residents to short stays, Jackson says the Society’s staff will get you where you want to be in a safe environment.

He loves what he does and says it’s a rewarding job.

“It feels good. It means we’ve achieved our goals with them and that they’re also happy to be going home. There’s no place like home,” Jackson says.

‘Nothing to it’

Whether that’s at the Good Samaritan Society or in a nearby community, Jackson says everyone should protect themselves against the coronavirus.

“Nothing to it. Take the vaccine,” Jackson says.

If you’re looking for a place to heal or get stronger, the Society offers speech, occupational and physical therapy. Patients can access all three through home health, outpatient therapy and inpatient therapy.

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