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Good Samaritan Society Le Mars Resident Karen Breuer

COVID-19 vaccination clinic brings hope to Iowa residents

"This is the first step in putting that all behind us"
Matt Holsen Matt Holsen 5 min read
An older couple rolls up their sleeves for COVID-19 vaccination at Sanford Health while two nurses help.

Sanford Bismarck, Fargo offer first COVID vaccine to public

Vaccine available for individuals 75 and older with underlying health conditions
Nathan Aamodt Nathan Aamodt 5 min read
A vial of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine sits on a table with other medical supplies in the background.

COVID-19 FAQs: How will I know it’s my turn for vaccine?

Check My Sanford Chart app, text messages and mail for reminders of each dose
Jon Berg Jon Berg 6 min read
Woman receives vaccine in at a Canton-Inwood vaccination event.

Sanford distributes vaccine to its rural hospitals, clinics

Small town health care workers are thankful for COVID-19 vaccine close to home
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 9 min read
Resident Karen L. Brinkman receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Society staff & residents in Minnesota get COVID-19 vaccine

Administrative assistant announces, "It's here! The vaccine is here! We're excited"
Matt Holsen Matt Holsen 6 min read
Two female Sanford Health workers, seen from behind, sit at a table preparing COVID-19 vaccine in syringes.

Sanford helps lead massive vaccine distribution effort in SD

State designates major health systems to get rural communities vaccinated
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 6 min read
Sanford Chief Physician Dr. Jeremy Cauwels sits alongside Courtney Collen for a Sanford Health News Facebook Live QA

Sanford chief physician: COVID-19 isn’t safe, vaccine is

Vaccination continues for health care workers and high-risk individuals first
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 14 min read
Marianna Brawand sitting at Imagenetics building after getting COVID-19 vaccine.

Good Samaritan Society staff get COVID-19 shot for residents

Residents and caregivers receiving vaccines hope to put coronavirus behind them
Matt Holsen Matt Holsen 4 min read
A young man checks his phone while drinking coffee in early morning in his kitchen.

Vaccination monitoring quick, convenient with v-safe

Vaccine recipients can report side effects with smartphone surveys
Mick Garry Mick Garry 7 min read
A closeup of a sticker on a man's athletic logo sweatshirt that says "I got my COVID-19 vaccine!"

Moderna and Pfizer vaccines: Similarities and differences

A vaccine from Moderna has been approved and will soon be providing an additional option in COVID-19 vaccination
Mick Garry Mick Garry 5 min read