Society leaders get vaccine, ask others to do the same

They are dedicated to showing the COVID-19 vaccine is safe

Society leaders get vaccine, ask others to do the same

Good Samaritan Society leaders are dedicated to showing residents and staff members the COVID-19 vaccine is safe.

Leading by example

Randy Bury, Society president and CEO, and chief medical officer Gregory Johnson, M.D., are setting an example by completing their vaccination course. Both are receiving their second dose at the Sanford Imagenetics building in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

“It felt good to be doing something on offense against this virus that we’ve been fighting for almost a year now. We’re kind of fighting back,” Bury said.

“We just want our staff and our residents to just know that we’re committed to safety. I feel as a physician that it’s safe,” Dr. Johnson said.

Bury admits he had an achy arm after the first dose. Dr. Johnson, who has had COVID-19, says he experienced a mild fever and chills.

“If we’re going to get past this, it’s going to be through a vaccine campaign. The sooner the better. Go get it. Do you want maybe a pain in your arm? Do you want maybe a fever? Or do we want to keep doing what we did in 2020?” Dr. Johnson said.

A better path

Finding a better path forward is the goal.

“This is the way out of the COVID-19 dilemma for long-term care. This is the way out,” Bury said.

With active COVID-19 cases going down at the Society, excitement is growing for a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

“We’re already seeing our numbers drop across the Society, even with the first round,” Bury said.

After a friendly encounter with a health care hero, Dr. Johnson is proud to see everyone pitching in and doing their part.

“She’s like everybody who comes here is just smiles and they’re thankful. We’re getting a lot of elderly people from the community coming in, especially in that 80-plus age group right now. They’re all just like, ‘We’re so glad to be here. We’ve been waiting for this.’ It was just nice to hear,” Dr. Johnson said.

Dr. Johnson and Bury hope to hear even more people are signing up for the vaccine in 2021.

“It is safe and it’s a lot safer than getting COVID. Super encourage everybody to get out and get the shot,” Bury said.

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