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Woman putting vegetables in a stock pan

Top 10 superfoods for breastfeeding moms

Great foods benefiting a breastfeeding mom and her baby
Lois Sommers, RN, IBCLC Lois Sommers, RN, IBCLC 11 min read
Backman family

Infant bereavement fund helps others cope with loss

After miscarriage, couple gives toward efforts that help ease the pain of losing a child.
Avatar Kay Todd 6 min read
Flexible pregnant woman

Exercise during pregnancy: Is it safe?

“For healthy women with normal pregnancies, most exercises are safe, but a few changes or adjustments may be necessary."
Avatar Kim Tubbs 5 min read
Gynecologist with digital tablet comforting pregnant patient

How cardio problems can impact pregnancy

The American Heart Association recommends scheduling a pre-pregnancy evaluation with a primary doctor and cardiologist.
Anna Tobiasz, MD Anna Tobiasz, MD 4 min read
Jennifer Tschetter and her family

Unexpected labor and delivery: When C-section is best option

“Some women will need a C-section based on risk factors. The decision is based on what is best for mom and baby."
SHN Staff SHN Staff 5 min read

Sanford Fargo opens breastmilk donation center

“Breast milk allows infants who are in a fragile medical situation to receive the nourishment they need to thrive.”
Nadine Aljets Nadine Aljets 4 min read
First trimester, what you need to know

What to expect the first trimester of pregnancy

From what's going on your body and your baby's development to whether it's OK to drink caffeine
Peter Klemin, MD Peter Klemin, MD 6 min read
Pregnant woman outside smelling flowers

Pregnancy and allergies: Avoiding medication better for baby

Are allergy medications safe to use during pregnancy?
JoLyn Seitz, MD JoLyn Seitz, MD 5 min read
Lane Harrison and son Atlas

How infertility led one woman to empower others

“I was ready to have kids right away.” That was how Lane Harrison felt when she got married. She was 30 and didn’t want to wait. However, waiting was just what she ended up doing for more than a year as she struggled to become pregnant. And Lane isn’t alone. In fact, 1 in 8 […]
Erin Heinert Erin Heinert 5 min read
pregnant woman working on laptop

Myths about prenatal testing

Pregnancy often comes with mixed emotions. While it can be one of the most joyous times of a parent’s life, it can also instill a lot of worry. Although most babies are born healthy, there is a small chance for a birth defect, chromosomal difference or genetic condition in every pregnancy. There are currently hosts […]
RaeAnn Kragenbring RaeAnn Kragenbring 7 min read