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Manny Ohonme

Samaritan’s Feet founder: Golf is a strategic vehicle

'It's not just about a whole bunch of guys getting together and just hitting this little white ball.'
Terry Vandrovec Terry Vandrovec 7 min read
Todd Kolb speaking at an event

Todd Kolb brings pro experience to Sanford Health golf

We really focus on developing them as a player versus a one-and-done lesson.
Terry Vandrovec Terry Vandrovec 5 min read
Golfers talking on a sunny day

Golfing in the heat: How to keep your cool

As temperatures and humidity rise it's important to know the signs and symptoms of heat illnesses and how to protect yourself.
Thayne Munce, PhD Thayne Munce, PhD 7 min read
Golfer Andy North speaks during a panel discussion

Golf experts offer advice on transition to college

Panel encourages young golfers to check a school's compliance rules early and also consider academics when looking where to go.
SHN Staff SHN Staff 4 min read
Levi Pole of Sanford Health works with pro golfer Elin Arvidsson

Golf academy helps players of all ages, skill levels improve

Golfing can be a rewarding yet frustrating sport. The Sanford POWER Golf Academy works with amateurs and pros to spot and correct issues.
SHN Staff SHN Staff 6 min read
biomechanics testing at sanford for golf

How strength and conditioning impacts your golf swing

Strength and conditioning is a hot topic in the athletic world, prompting many studies in the recent decades. Research typically focuses on high-impact sports, but with the awareness of the strength training regimes of Tiger Woods and other professional golfers, there has been interest to better understand how participation in a golf-specific workout program could […]
Lisa N. MacFadden, PhD Lisa N. MacFadden, PhD 6 min read
two people talking

The science of improving your golf game: Podcast

Golf is a game of complex movements, and resulting golf injuries can be very complex to identify. These injuries may keep you from returning to the game and may affect other areas of your life as well. The Sanford POWER Golf Academy is a collaborative program that leverages golf experts with expertise in sports physical […]
Alan Helgeson Alan Helgeson 2 min read
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PGA TOUR Champions, Sanford Health announce new event

PGA TOUR Champions and Sanford Health announced today a new event to be contested in Sioux Falls beginning in 2018. The Sanford International Presented by Cambria, the first ever PGA TOUR Champions event to be contested in South Dakota, will be played at Minnehaha Country Club the week of September 17-23, and will feature a […]
SHN Staff SHN Staff 12 min read