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Farmer and cancer survivor Larry Eichstadt feeds a bottle of milk to a cow in a pen on his farm.

Regular prostate screenings catch cancer recurrence early

Minnesota farmer Larry Eichstadt got care close to his home and cattle
Erin Mairose Erin Mairose 8 min read
John Heitkamp near his dairy cows

Coronary calcium screening reveals hidden heart problems

"If a heart attack had occurred, it very likely could have been lethal."
Jeanette Rackl Jeanette Rackl 7 min read
Nicole Block, certified nurse practitioner

Sanford Worthington welcomes new provider Nicole Block

Nicole Block, a certified nurse practitioner, has joined the Sanford Worthington Clinic team and is seeing patients at the family practice clinic located on Diagonal Road.  She is joining the care team of Kevin Ree, D.O. Block received her undergraduate degree from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa.  She completed her graduate degree from South […]
SHN Staff SHN Staff 2 min read
Brittany Chapin and general surgeon Dr. Kelly Ming

Surgery in her town helps mom see new baby as she heals

And access to Sanford Health medical centers means advanced care is also nearby.
Carson Walker Carson Walker 5 min read
Young Asian girl receives back-to-school immunization

Immunization myths and when kids need each shot

"Not vaccinating your child not only puts them at risk but everyone else they come into contact with."
SHN Staff SHN Staff 7 min read
masking tape isolated on white

Chronic wounds specialized care: Focus on long-term healing

Patients with chronic wounds face the complicated task of managing specialized care on an ongoing basis. And while there’s a lot of patient involvement in wound management, there are specially trained nurses who can provide extra support for patients with chronic wounds, an ostomy (surgically created opening) or continence conditions. “A lot of times when […]
SHN Staff SHN Staff 4 min read
A Sanford Health nurse stands at a hospital patient's bedside and shares an electronic medical record on a wireless tablet device.

25 Sanford facilities designated ‘Most Wired’

List recognizes excellence in health care IT
SHN Staff SHN Staff 5 min read