New therapy storefront offers easier access, better care

More room means Worthington providers reach more patients who need them

New therapy storefront offers easier access, better care

There were no sledgehammers, wrecking balls, or Ty Pennington. But in March, the Sanford therapy department in Worthington, Minnesota, wrapped up an extreme makeover.

‘Some patients didn’t know we even existed’

The therapy department, which specializes in physical, occupational, and speech therapies, was tucked away in the Sanford Worthington Medical Center.

So tucked away, rehab manager Kyle Rockwell said some patients didn’t know the department “even existed.”

And some patients who did know couldn’t get there.

“We were providing great care there, but it was becoming challenging for some of our patients to even get to us,” he said. “We had patients in the past that would write a letter saying they want to come see us, but physically couldn’t do it because it was too long of a walk.”

Easier to find and access

Now, there’s no way you can miss the therapy department.

It’s a storefront, downtown located department, with new signage.

“People know where we’re at. People know we exist. It’s going to be a good thing for the community, and a good thing for us in the rehab department,” said Rockwell.

The new location also allows better access for patients with impaired mobility or functional limitations, according to Rockwell.

“The last thing we want them to do is have to walk a distance to come see us.”

More space = more patients

Not only will it be easier for patients to access the department, but the new space will also allow for more patients than before.

Rockwell said there’s two gyms within the building, along with five private treatment rooms.

One of the two gyms is for adult patients, the other for pediatric patients. The pediatric gym is removed from the main gym. Rockwell said this will help improve the care pediatric patients receive.

At the previous location, the pediatric patients shared the gym with other patients, “which just didn’t work well for those (pediatric) patients,” explained Rockwell.

“We see a lot of kids with autism, kids with Down syndrome, or developmental delay. So, the fact that we have a separate gym for them now will be very beneficial,” he added.

Appointments can be made online, through the My Sanford Chart app, or by calling Sanford Worthington Therapy and Rehabilitation.

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