Getting stronger, recovering faster with rehab at Society

Therapy helps patients regain strength and move from hospital to home

Getting stronger, recovering faster with rehab at Society

Fresh out of the hospital, Susan Packer is working hard at inpatient rehabilitation at Good Samaritan Society – Fort Collins in Colorado.

“It’s a very nice place. It’s a very nice facility. All the people are really nice and friendly,” Packer says.

However, her goal is to get back home and to her husband after just getting a new pacemaker.

“I was passing out and having some spells,” Packer says. She adds her heart rate “every now and then (would) just drop down to about 20 and I would pass out. I would come to about 10 seconds later and I wouldn’t realize it had happened.”

One the of the spells led to a leg injury.

‘A great, amazing attitude’

The Society’s therapy and rehabilitation team is developing an individualized plan to get her up on her feet and back home.

Laura Crosby, Society physical therapist, lays out her goals: “Getting some leg strength back. Getting some postural things done. Learning how to walk again given all these issues.”

Crosby says with physical and occupational therapy, Packer will recover in no time.

“She has such a great, amazing attitude. We’re dealing with some heart things and some pulmonary things and some chronic arthritis and some back pain. Then she also broke her foot,” Crosby says. “She’s really amazing to persevere and push through. She does everything we ask.”

An excellent patient for the team here led by supervisor Reuben Jackson.

“Come for rehab. We’ll work you out. We’ll tune you up and send you back home,” Jackson says.

Whole-person approach

They take a whole-person approach to caring for the body, mind and soul in a safe environment.

When asked if people should worry about getting help here during the pandemic, Jackson replies, “Absolutely not.”

He adds, “This place is probably one of the safest places to go for rehab because we take all the precautions we can to protect the residents and to protect those that are coming in and out of the facility.”

The location also has one of the Society’s highest vaccination rates for residents and staff members.

“I’m just looking forward to getting home. My husband’s looking forward to me getting home,” Packer says.

In good hands, Packer is well on her way.

“The caring atmosphere at the Good Samaritan facilities is probably the best I’ve seen in 21 years in practice as far as really caring for patients and caring for each other as employees and staff members and as a team,” Crosby says. “Very individualized care. They’re going to get very caring staff to take care of them. And they’re going to get plenty of attention.”

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