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Gene Hoyme sits with his arm on a table smiling at an off-camera interviewer

Pediatric geneticist Gene Hoyme’s influence spans globe

S.D. native helped Sanford in pediatrics, research, Imagenetics, World Clinic
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 28 min read
A woman lies on her stomach during a cupping procedure.

Cupping and dry needling in physical therapy help with pain

'I could feel the improvement right away' as cupping helped lower back pain
Mick Garry Mick Garry 9 min read
Paul Hanson in a dark suit, red tie, speaking with off-camera interviewer

Paul Hanson: ‘You are part of the future’

Sioux Falls region president first led growth in Bemidji
Jared Leighton Jared Leighton 12 min read
women standing infront of edith sanford sign

Breast reconstruction during mastectomy surgery

'I went to sleep with breast cancer and woke up with new breasts and no cancer.'
Carson Walker Carson Walker 11 min read
Brittany Chapin and general surgeon Dr. Kelly Ming

Surgery in her town helps mom see new baby as she heals

And access to Sanford Health medical centers means advanced care is also nearby.
Carson Walker Carson Walker 5 min read
Little boy from Children's Miracle Network eating ice cream

Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day is Aug. 2

Treat yourself to a Blizzard and help children
SHN Staff SHN Staff 5 min read
surgeon in operating room

Sanford Health taps its physicians for temporary coverage

“Rather than living in a bubble in one facility, you see the world is a much bigger place."
Jane Heilmann Jane Heilmann 8 min read
group photo at camp

Motorcycle club supports pediatric cancer patients

Bryon Farmer wanted to change some people’s perception of motorcycle clubs and what it means to be in one. The president and co-founder of the Bellator Titans MC imagined a brotherhood of fellow motorcycle enthusiasts focused on giving back while having fun. That’s exactly what they do. They’ve become known as fierce champions for children’s […]
Avatar Kay Todd 7 min read
Mother and son happy playing legos

Kidney transplant: A mother’s gift to her son

"I was just being a mom. He needed something I could give to him, and I did."
SHN Staff SHN Staff 6 min read
Sanford Health logo

Profile by Sanford opens four locations in May, June

Sanford Profile unveils new locations in Brookings, Watertown and Minnesota
SHN Staff SHN Staff 2 min read