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Coach Richard Pitino coaching in the Sanford Pentagon

Coaches vs. Cancer is a cause for Oklahoma-Minnesota game

Both teams play on Saturday at the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls
Mick Garry Mick Garry 8 min read
nerves on cancer: Sanford Health Dr. Paola Vermeer in her lab at Sanford Research

Nerve-wrecking: ‘New way of attacking cancer’

Sanford Health's Paola Vermeer hopes to slow cancer by disrupting nerves
Carson Walker Carson Walker 8 min read
Doctor Jesse Dirksen sits in an upright posture, smiling during an interview

Breast cancer surgeon Jesse Dirksen: A source of help, hope

Homegrown surgeon thinks future of care might put him out of a job someday
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 19 min read
Heidi Heitkamp speaks on a stage with a U.S. flag in the background.

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp: Beating breast cancer in the public eye

Hear her story at the United in Hope charity luncheon Oct. 11
Avatar Kay Todd 7 min read
Andrea Theis and "Kindness Is Contagious" authorNicole Phillips pose, heads touching.

Breast cancer survivor’s kindness at event changes her life

At last year's Revive Retreat, her gift for participants led to new career path
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 30 min read
Two women flexing in Minnesota Vikings gear -- the power of mom and daughter colonoscopy.

Mom and daughter learn colonoscopy is key to stopping cancer

After 34-year-old was diagnosed with colon cancer, her mom was diagnosed, too
SHN Staff SHN Staff 6 min read
Genetic counseling podcast: Larissa Risty

Genetic counseling podcast: Larissa Risty talks about cancer

Find out why genetic counseling is useful and how to explore family history
Larissa Risty Larissa Risty 2 min read
Adam Thielen carries the football in a Minnesota Vikings uniform

Thielen Foundation gives $25K to Roger Maris Cancer Center

Donation will help the center expand its cancer programs and services
Paul Heinert Paul Heinert 3 min read
Oskar Binkard, 4, poses in a Captain America costume against a blue background.

Four-year-old superhero is stronger than cancer

Meet Oskar Binkard, the 2019 honorary chair of the 61 For 61 Radiothon
Emily Fink Emily Fink 9 min read
Jessica Aguilar

Jessica Aguilar: ‘What we can accomplish together’

Executive's work combines health care for women, children, cancer patients
Jared Leighton Jared Leighton 9 min read