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New therapies helping body fight disease

Your immune system is your body’s defense. Its cells provide protection from ailments like colds and flu, chicken pox and tonsillitis — even cancer. But the protection isn’t perfect. Different types of cancers can “outsmart” the immune system, making it challenging to fight their dangerous cells. In these cases, the immune system needs a little […]
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Sanford Imagenetics building

Sanford Imagenetics building nears opening

The Sanford Imagenetics building in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, will open to the public on Oct. 9, when internal medicine patients begin seeing their care teams at the facility dedicated to integrating genomics and primary care for adults. Sanford Imagenetics was established in 2014 after a gift of $125 million gift from Denny Sanford. Watch interviews […]
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Genetically engineered virus used to fight cancer in trial

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Sanford Health recently launched a clinical trial using a genetically engineered virus that aims to destroy therapy-resistant tumors. The Phase I immunotherapy trial is for those ages 18 and older with metastatic solid tumors that have not responded to standard treatments. The treatment injects an oncolytic (cancer-destroying) virus — vesicular stomatitis […]
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Harvard Univ. and Sanford Health partner on schools effort

Programs at Sanford Health and Harvard Medical School are collaborating to bring information and education about personal genetics and research to classrooms and communities in Massachusetts and South Dakota. The Sanford Program for the Midwest Initiative in Science Exploration (PROMISE) at Sanford Research and the Personal Genetics Education Project ( based at Harvard Medical School […]
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Sanford Imagenetics building

Take a photo tour of the new Sanford Imagenetics building

The new Sanford Imagenetics building opens this fall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to house the unique program that integrates genomic medicine with innovative primary care for adults. See photos of the 100,000-square-foot project in the Argus Leader.
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The role of genetics in breast and ovarian cancer

What did you inherit from your parents? Was it eye color, height, body build or hair color? Often, we may hear, “I inherited my eyes from my mother” or “I got my height from my father.” A combination of traits developed from each parent is visible, but the genetics inherited from our parents runs far […]
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Find your right medication with pharmacogenetics

Finding the correct medication for your body is extremely complicated. Many variables affect each person’s response to medication. And pharmacogenetics — the study of how heredity (genetics and identity) influences your drug response — helps identify the best medication for you. “Precision medicine, often known as personalized medicine, is an approach to disease management which […]
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