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EMTs providing care for baby

Serving the community as an EMT

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) work to save lives every day. They are trained for high-stress situations and caring for and preserving human life. Currently, there is a nationwide shortage of EMTs and paramedics. As the Fargo, North Dakota, region grows, F-M Ambulance – a subsidiary of Sanford Health – is feeling the demands of this […]
Nadine Aljets 4 min read
Jennifer standing in front of Sanford AirMed helicopter

AirMed saves life of Brookings teacher

For Jennifer Moser, Sept. 2, 2016, started like any other day. The 27-year-old went to work teaching art to elementary school students in Brookings and then left town for the weekend to visit family in Miller, South Dakota. She only made it 10 miles when a car crossed the center line and hit Moser’s vehicle […]
Kay Todd 4 min read
Air Ambulance nurse preparing for take off.

Sanford AirMed: Air ambulances provide care in the air

If you ever watch a medical drama television show, you often see a patient being rushed into the emergency department and the medical staff immediately caring for the person. But how does the patient get there? For rural states like those served by Sanford Health, an air ambulance service is crucial to transport patients needing […]
Jon Berg 6 min read
Two F-M Ambulance and Sanford Health ambulances are parked in a garage.

F-M Ambulance records number of ambulance runs

F-M Ambulance had a record-breaking day Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017, with 122 calls for service in 24 hours that day, beating the old record of 107, which happened during the Fargo Marathon. The next day they responded to 106 calls. Sherm Syverson, senior director of F-M Ambulance, said this is remarkable for several reasons. The […]
SHN Staff 3 min read
teenager kicking a soccer ball into the goal

Get seen fast at a walk-in clinic

Bring your strains, sprains & fractures for care on the same day of your injury
SHN Staff 2 min read
Fargo Medical Center Renderings

Peak performance

Ryan Anderson pauses at the top of a snow-capped mountain. He pulls his ski cap down over his ears, watching the other skiers take off ahead of him. He can hardly believe he’s here: Vail, Colorado, in January 2012. When it’s his turn, he launches himself downhill … on one leg and two specially equipped […]
SHN Staff 7 min read
blue X-ray of human brain

More than just a hurting head

“Something was going on inside of my head and it felt different than anything I’d ever experienced before."
SHN Staff 7 min read