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Young woman and Sanford Health patient holds a baby on a sunny deck after she survived a stroke.

23-year-old survives stroke with quick thinking, response

Patient fully recovers following surgery at Sanford Medical Center Fargo
Jason Anschutz 5 min read
A 4-year-old girl climbs onto a kitchen chair near signs and photo displays from her time in the hospital at Sanford Health.

‘Miracle child’ in Minnesota survives tractor accident

4-year-old makes full recovery with help from specialists at Sanford Health
Simon Floss 10 min read
Male and female nurses share a workspace in a Costa Rican clinic.

Nurse mentorship program lends helping hand internationally

Flight nurse Morgan Hand works remotely and in person with counterparts in Costa Rica
Simon Floss 6 min read
A nurse wears full-body personal protective gear at a drive-thru coronavirus testing site.

What to do when you think you need a COVID-19 test

Do's and don'ts when you have symptoms or have been exposed to the coronavirus
Mick Garry 10 min read
The bloodmobile sits in a parking lot. Blood donations are needed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Blood donations needed during COVID-19 pandemic

Vacations, weather, and illness affect blood donor numbers even in normal years
Simon Floss 4 min read
Three plastic food storage containers with colorful meals and sides.

How long is too long to eat Thanksgiving leftovers?

Food safety is important in menu planning, before and after Thanksgiving
SHN Staff 4 min read
A mature woman leans forward from a chair, grabbing her toes to stretch her ankle.

A Matter of Balance: What goes into fall prevention?

Courses teach seniors how to manage falls and increase activity levels
Mick Garry 13 min read
A doctor kneels in front of a middle aged patient in the ER or urgent care clinic. Both wear N95 face masks.

Emergency vs urgent care: The ER isn’t for everything

Get peace of mind, on your time, when a walk-in clinic may meet your needs
SHN Staff 3 min read
A happy Sanford Health patient family poses outside their front door: dad, mom and baby.

Post febrile seizure, family grateful for care at Sanford

While frightening, this type of seizure is common for kids, providers say
Simon Floss 7 min read
High school girls with face masks watch a nurse gesture to a manikin simulating an ambulance patient.

Simulation gives students glimpse into health care careers

Canton High School students receive immersive experience on campus
Vanessa Vondra 8 min read