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A boy smiles at the camera holding an apple during a school lunchtime

Back-to-school tips for a smooth transition

Ease worries by talking with your child and preparing schedules and routines
Parenting Services 4 min read

Getting your child ready for preschool

Prepare at home, visit in advance and develop a goodbye routine
Parenting Services 4 min read
A mom helps her daughter put on her backpack.

Follow these backpack tips to help protect your child’s back

Dr. Jared Daniel — a dad of teens — wants to prevent lower back pain in kids
Jane Thaden Lawson 9 min read
A child covers his left eye during an eye exam

Help your kids see well from the start

Ask for a pediatric vision screening at your child's next checkup
Jeanette Rackl 4 min read
Jackie Mrachek helping Eli balance on a beam

Pediatric physical therapy in the classroom

Sanford Health helps children with mobility or developmental delays learn skills needed in the classroom.
Jon Berg 6 min read
Healthy tips and advice from Sanford experts as kids head back to school

Preparing kids to head back to school

Sanford Health experts offer some tips: From shots to shoes
Nadine Aljets 5 min read
Optometrist Examining a Child

An optometrist can help spot health issues

Age-related diseases can show up, and prevention is important for other issues
Kate Simko 5 min read
Sad young boy

Childhood suicide: Bullying, ADHD and relationships

“There’s a lot of pressure on kids that’s not good for their emotional development.”
Hannah Nieman 12 min read
child eating breakfast

Quick and healthy snacks busy parents can make

Kids love these nutrition-packed alternatives to junk food
SHN Staff 3 min read
Donella Herman, M.D., and Kate Higgins, Psy.D. to talk concussions

Concussions and sports medicine: Podcast

In the competitive world of athletics, the quest to go faster and jump higher makes athletes perform at a level never-before thought of. At these levels, athletes can be at increased risks for injury and concussions. Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is one of the largest providers of sports medicine expert care to athletes and teams. Concussions […]
Alan Helgeson 2 min read