Sanford chiropractic care treats the whole patient

Bemidji/Bagley doctor explains benefits of chiropractic care, combining services at Sanford

Sanford chiropractic care treats the whole patient

Back, neck and joint pain can negatively impact a person’s entire life, from work to sleep and everything in between. That’s why Sanford chiropractors like David Galloway, D.C., are so dedicated to serving their patients.

“It’s a hands-on, drug-free approach,” said Galloway, who practices in Bemidji and Bagley, Minnesota.

Building a foundation

Chiropractic care can help relieve more than just back, neck and joint pain. It can also have a significant impact on headaches, as well as jaw pain, and radiating pain in the arms and legs. That’s why Galloway says chiropractic treatment is more than just getting an adjustment where the pain occurs.

“Where you have your pain doesn’t always dictate where the problem is,” Galloway said. “It’s kind of like a house and its foundation. If you don’t have a good foundation, there can be problems further up. So somebody might come in with low back pain and it might be a foot problem, or ankle or knee problems.”

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Sanford chiropractic’s extra benefit

The ability for chiropractors like Dr. Galloway to access patient information and communicate with a patient’s other doctors remains one of the most important aspects of Sanford chiropractic care. It’s also why finding the source of pain can be easier with Sanford’s resources at their disposal.

“When I was in private practice, if I wanted to see some X-rays of the patient, it would take longer to request information and get that delivered. So it’s very beneficial that we can provide same-day care, whereas in the private setting, that’s not always the case,” Galloway said.

“It’s (also) nice to be able to communicate. I just sent a message off to a patient’s primary care doctor this morning, letting them know where we were at. I can update them or if I have some concerns that they’re not getting better I can talk to them too.”

Treating the whole patient

Along with sharing information, Dr. Galloway can easily refer his patients for other treatments if needed. Especially after taking into account the knowledge gained by a patient’s other Sanford doctors.

“Chiropractic isn’t for every case. That’s why it’s important to have that thorough history,” Galloway said.

Then, Dr. Galloway can easily refer those patients to other Sanford specialists for the right type of treatment for them, whether it be physical therapy, X-ray imaging, or a return to a primary care provider.

Ultimately, the goals for chiropractic care are simple: treat the patient and relieve their pain. With easier access to patient records, better communication with doctors, and his own skills and techniques as a chiropractor, Dr. Galloway can continue to do what’s best for each individual patient he sees each day.

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