Sanford employees honored for advocating women’s health

Statewide OB/GYN group recently recognized Sanford's Erin Healy & Corey Brown

Sanford employees honored for advocating women’s health

Earlier this summer, the South Dakota chapter of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists wanted to single out one person for advocating women’s health. A pair of Sanford Health employees made the decision difficult, however.

The result is that Erin Healy and Corey Brown made it a two-person recognition in 2020.

The work of these two Sanford Health employees was distinctive enough to warrant a pair of plaques based on tireless and effective efforts of each in advocating women’s health.

Erin Healy headshot
Erin Healy

Erin Healy is a senior marketing analyst for Sanford Health who also represents District 14 in the South Dakota House of Representatives. Corey Brown is a former South Dakota state senator who is vice president of government relations for Sanford.

Both have effectively and tirelessly delivered on the behalf of patients according to Dr. Erica Schipper, a Sanford OB/GYN and ACOG South Dakota president.

“Corey was very much acting in his role at Sanford. That role aligned in this case and worked out really well,” Dr. Schipper said. “We worked closely with Corey because we had similar goals. He did a phenomenal job of lining up testimony, getting people ready for hearings and coordinating multiple groups who had similar goals and ideas.”

Promoting a vision

In Healy’s role as a state representative, she has been a consistent advocate for women’s health issues. That would be on the behalf of patients, but also on behalf of physicians.

“She is very good about asking thoughtful questions when it comes to legislation,” Dr. Schipper said. “She is very carefully considerate in how issues can affect patients and access to care. We’ve been so impressed with her in terms of her advocacy. It was a no-brainer she would get an award.”

The ACOG website calls its vision an effort to “continuously improve women’s health care through practice and research, lead advocacy efforts for women’s health care issues nationally and internationally, and provide excellent organizational support and services to members.”

On that count, Sanford Health’s Healy and Brown do not just share the same employer.

“Sanford is lucky to have them both,” Dr. Schipper said. “The same goes for the state of South Dakota.”

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