Good Samaritan Society honored for vaccination effort

Society earns national award for employee immunization against seasonal flu

Good Samaritan Society honored for vaccination effort

The Good Samaritan Society took aim at becoming a leader in the fight against the flu and very quickly hit the target.

At the annual Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit held in June, the Good Samaritan Society earned the top corporate campaign award for its efforts to immunize employees for seasonal flu. For 2019-20, the organization attained a 98% vaccination rate.

“Our employees’ commitment to the health and safety of our residents is what I am most proud of,” said Randy Bury, Good Samaritan Society president. “And we continue to see that commitment to our residents by the diligence of our staff during this current pandemic.”

In short, the impressive vaccine numbers came via a comprehensive plan. It focused on influenza policy and, especially, the safety of residents and staff.

Vaccination message sent

“It’s a big step forward for the Good Samaritan Society,” said Rochelle Rindels, Good Samaritan Society vice president of nursing and clinical services. “As a long-term care company we’re serving one of the most vulnerable populations. Becoming a leader in safety is important to us.”

The high vaccination rate for 2019-20 was aided by a merger with Sanford Health, Rindels said. In addition, it was accompanied by an intensive internal campaign to educate employees.

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Significantly, the widespread campaign included more than 19,000 employees being vaccinated against the flu over 23 states and more than 260 locations.

Getting the word out

To reach all those people, the Good Samaritan Society implemented an online influenza tracker that monitored progress of vaccinations. The campaign included an effort to keep employees and leaders aware of the benefits of immunization.

“We looked at the components of Sanford policy and how we could interpret and apply that to the Good Samaritan Society,” Rindels said. “We worked with a Sanford immunization strategist to provide education sessions on the importance of the vaccine and addressing some of the myths associated with vaccines. They were great partners in providing resources in getting the word out.”

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