What’s your parenting style?

Of the four styles, you may identify with one but have elements of others

What’s your parenting style?

Are you a helicopter mom or a tiger mom? Do you go all “mama bear” if someone bullies your child, or do you prefer a hands-off parenting approach?

Your style of parenting is as unique as you and your child.  Your family beliefs, values and various temperament traits are all part of the foundation to your particular parenting style.

Child development experts have identified the following four major parenting styles:

Authoritarian parenting

  • Children are expected to follow the strict rules established in the household.
  • Punishment will follow if rules are broken.
  • “Because I said so” is reason enough for the rules.
  • High expectations and demands.
  • Expect to be respected and are great at tough love.

Authoritative parenting

  • Have rules but present them in more of a democratic style.
  • Responsive to their children’s needs.
  • More likely to listen and answer questions.
  • Much more supportive when it comes to guidance and discipline.
  • More nurturing and tolerant rather than punishing if child doesn’t meet expectations.
  • This style takes energy and time.
  • Happy, confident and capable children are often the end result.

Permissive parenting

  • Fewer rules and less discipline due to low expectations.
  • More likely to take the position of a friend than that of a parent.
  • Can be seen as indulgent.
  • Avoid confrontation and are more responsive than they are demanding.
  • Generally nurturing and communicate with their children.
  • Common style in this era of busy schedules.
  • Don’t feel they get enough quality time with their kids, so why would they want to say no all the time?

Hands-off parenting

  • Have few demands from their children and minimal communication.
  • Might fulfill the child’s basic needs but are generally detached from child’s life.
  • Sometimes may even reject or neglect the needs of their children.
  • Have the philosophy that every person must learn to take care of oneself.
  • Don’t recognize how long it takes to learn life lessons.

Of the four parenting styles, experts say the authoritative parenting style is the most successful in raising children who are emotionally stable and are successful in school.

Sometimes parents don’t fit into just one category, so don’t despair if there are times or areas where you tend to be permissive and other times when you’re more authoritative. Like most parents, you might need to use a mixture of the styles, depending on the situation.

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