Create a reading space to enhance your child’s love of books

Make reading fun! Create a reading space for your child to enjoy alone or as a family.

Mom reads to children in homemade reading space.

Just like adults, children who love to read can get lost in the pages of their books. But where they read is important too, so take the following ideas into account when you are creating a space for your child to read:

  1. Let it be imaginative: Children love imaginary play. Don’t limit your imagination. Reading spaces can be a rocket, a cozy fort or a princess palace.
  2. Make it calming: Keep it minimal. Too much stuff or colors that are too bright can overstimulate a child.
  3. Keep it comfortable: Pillows, beanbags and blankets keep the space comfy, cozy and warm.
  4. Quiet is best: Place the reading space away from the noisy areas of the house.
  5. Most of all – include your child: Have your child help you build the reading space. Being included helps a child feel a sense of ownership and independence.

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