Executive health exams cater to busy leaders

NDSU president gets all his medical screenings and tests done in a single visit

North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani speaks at a podium labeled NDSU with an American flag hanging in the background.

Dean Bresciani, president of North Dakota State University, is a busy man. And for someone with a schedule like his, it is not always easy to get time away from work to take care of his health.

“People I know have always recommended I go to an executive health clinic, but they were recommending places out of state. Between the travel and the medical visit, that could take two to three days, which is not an option with my schedule,” Bresciani said.

When Bresciani learned that Sanford Health was opening an executive health clinic in his community of Fargo, North Dakota, he decided to take advantage of the program.

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“I work 12 hours — sometimes up to 16 hours — every day of the week,” Bresciani said. “To be able to complete all of my medical needs locally in one day, that is a game changer.”

A complete exam for business leaders

Through an executive health exam, business leaders like Bresciani are able to get every medical need addressed in a single visit. The customized experience includes a comprehensive schedule of exams, screenings and tests tailored to each person.

Schedules can include:

  • A comprehensive exam with a physician
  • A consultation with a genetic counselor
  • CT scans and X-rays
  • Dermatology skin check
  • Hearing tests
  • Lab tests: blood count, blood chemistry panel, cholesterol panel, etc.
  • Nutrition, wellness and fitness consultations
  • Preventive screenings: heart, mammogram, prostate, Pap test
  • Stress management consultation

‘So put at ease by the level of attention’

From the moment a call is made to the Sanford Health Executive Health Clinic, the patient’s needs are the priority. The appointment is scheduled immediately, and a comprehensive itinerary is developed.

“The experience so exceeded my highest expectations. When I came in for my appointment, there was a nurse waiting for me. And from that moment until I left, she was alongside me,” said Bresciani.

“It was as if all of Sanford Health was waiting to care for me. A person who has never been to a hospital would be so put at ease by the level of attention. Everything is on schedule; everything is explained in full detail.”

In addition, the clinic offers a private and comfortable setting for executives. Each guest has access to free coffee, Wi-Fi, a charging station and everything an important business leader could need to get work done throughout the day.

“The structure is great for anyone with a busy schedule, but what sets the program apart is the world-class care and care team,” Bresciani said. “You feel like you are seeing old friends or family — it really is an extraordinary option for receiving care.”

Faster test results and answers

Results from all tests completed during the appointment are received as quickly as possible, many within one to two business days or even sooner.

“I had same-day results or results within 24 hours for all of my lab tests except for the Sanford Chip,” said Bresciani. “But even those results were faster than my nurse predicted. I had my Sanford Chip results within a week, which was a really exciting moment for my family.”

He said, “My parents’ parents were immigrants, so they did not have any sort of health care within their lifetime or any medical records. Because we have no knowledge of our family history, this was a great way to get a bit more information about how genetics can influence my health and the health of my family.”

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