What’s the scoop on sugar?

Support healthy food choices and learn more about sugar with our quiz

What’s the scoop on sugar?

It’s on nutrition labels. It’s in nearly every food we eat, but what do you really know about sugar?

Take our sugar knowledge quiz to learn about sugar and making nutritious choices. Read each question or statement and decide whether or not it describes your sugar knowledge.

Did you know that the lower the amount of sugar, the better? 

Take a look at a nutrition label and check the sugar lines. If the added sugar grams are zero or close to zero, you’re making a healthy choice!

Did you know that added sugars and natural sugars are different? 

Natural sugars are found in foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Added sugars can be things like table sugar, syrups or honey, and are found in concentrated fruit and vegetable juices. Added sugars are also called names like sucrose or dextrose. Most words that end in “–ose” on your nutrition label are probably added sugars.

Did you know that natural sugars are better for you than added sugars? 

Natural sugars can be found in so many foods and drinks, and those foods are generally healthy options for your body. Milk contains natural sugar, as well as calcium, protein, vitamin D, and other nutrients that your body needs. As long as the amount of added sugars on your nutrition label is low, you know the choice you’re making is a nutritious choice.

Did you know that a smaller container doesn’t mean less sugar? 

A small container doesn’t guarantee that the sugar inside will be less than a normal sized container. The amount of sugar will be proportioned to the serving size in the container.

Do you choose water or milk as your drink with meals? 

Water and milk are your best beverage choices. If you choose to drink milk with your meals, choose milk that is not flavored. Flavored milk usually has added sugar.

Do you choose water to drink when you are thirsty? 

Juice and sports drinks can have as much sugar as soda or fruit-flavored drinks. They can be enjoyed as a treat in moderation, but choosing water or milk is a more nutritious choice. Here’s a tip: if your child struggles with drinking water, adding lemon to it can improve the taste. If they are temperature sensitive, keep ice on hand for a refreshing glass of cold water.

Check your score

How many statements did you answer “yes” to? Check your total score to learn more about what you can do to promote healthy food and drink choices in your home:

5 to 6 = Congratulations! You really know the scoop on sugars in your food and drinks!

3 to 4 = You know plenty about sugar! Is there any information in the quiz that you can use to change your choices?

0 to 2 = Sugar is delicious and OK in moderation, but try to incorporate some of the suggestions from the quiz to make more nutritious food and drink choices.

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