Top 10 children’s books to inspire physical activity

Explore a new book that will boost your child's desire to move

Top 10 children’s books to inspire physical activity

Are you running out of ways to keep your child active?

Do you fear that screen time is dominating the day?

You’re not alone. This is a common challenge for many families today. Inspire your kids to get up and move through a fun and motivating tale.

Check out some of our favorite books that will encourage your little one to move many times, many ways, and many places throughout the day.

1. Get Up and Go!

This story inspires kids to love and appreciate their body, no matter the size or shape. Encouraging text will motivate children to care for their body through regular movement.

2. Move!

Less a story, and more of a game, this book directs readers to move in a variety of ways. Also, forget the traditional page flipping – the unique format of this board book will have you using it as a boat’s oar, dinosaur jaws, etc.

3. Run and Hike, Play and Bike: What is Physical Activity?

Physical activity is much more than exercise. Through goofy text and bright illustrations kids will uncover many ways to move and learn that activity can, and should, be fun.

4. Lazy Ninja: A Children’s Book about Setting Goals and Finding Motivation

This ninja has become lazy! Instead of playing with friends and family, all he wants to do is watch TV or play on a tablet. Thankfully, a friend helps ninja to discover all the fun he is missing out on and the importance of setting movement goals.

5. ABC Yoga

Get active with your ABCs. Kids will discover basic yoga poses while learning the alphabet. Prepare to crawl like a crocodile, stretch like a fox, and hop like a grasshopper.

6. Shake a Leg!

Designed for the younger readers, this story stars Grover and Elmo guiding kids through fun movements. This board book is sure to get your toddler wiggling and giggling.

7. Oh, The Things You Can Do That are Good for You: All About Staying Healthy

Created in collaboration with the Partnership for a Healthier America, the Cat in the Hat educates kids, through adventure and fun rhymes, on the importance of healthy habits. Stick around after the story to find activities and healthy recipes, perfect for kids of all ages.

8. The Busy Body Book: A Kid’s Guide to Fitness

Discover how your muscles, lungs, heart, brain, etc. all work together to help you move. Kids will learn more about how their body works while uncovering fun ways to stay active.

9. Move Your Body!

Follow along as Natalie’s team prepares for field day. Ms. Starr teaches the team about the importance of stretching and keeping our bodies moving. Your child will discover new stretching exercises and recharge with Natalie’s team.

10. My Amazing Body

Through fun illustrations and kid-friendly language, this book educates kids on the importance of health and physical activity. Children will also explore how they can care for their body.

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