COVID-19 Q&A: Your health insurance questions answered

Sanford Health Plan president talks coronavirus medical bills and more

COVID-19 Q&A: Your health insurance questions answered

As if trying to figure out life in the middle of a pandemic wasn’t difficult enough, trying to navigate health insurance and determine who and what is covered in the event you need it may only add to the anxiety you already have.

Sanford Health Plan is making it easier for you to get the resources you need from testing to treatment and more. John Snyder, president of Sanford Health Plan, joined Sanford Health News for a Facebook Live Q&A. Snyder addressed some of the biggest topics when it comes to health coverage and the most frequently asked questions.

Watch: Facebook Live Q&A with John Snyder of Sanford Health Plan

Snyder said most of your COVID-19 related medical bills will be covered including specimen collection, any office or emergency room visits and inpatient hospital stays through May 31.

Things like face masks and gloves are over-the-counter expenses not covered by insurance, he said. However, if you have a flexible spending account, these expenses may be eligible.

Sanford Health Plan continues to help employers and any displaced employees navigate through their options in the event of major life changes including layoffs or furloughs.

Keep your regular appointments

Sanford Health Plan leaders encourage all members to keep all regular health check-ups and appointments. If you have questions about whether to see your provider in-person at the clinic or virtually through telemedicine services, contact that provider.

COVID-19 information and resources are available through a customer service phone number: (800)-752-5863 or by visiting the Sanford Health Plan website.

Submit your COVID-related health insurance questions online.

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