Becoming a mom at Sanford Health

Jada Shoemaker shares experience giving birth at Sanford Health

Becoming a mom at Sanford Health

Jada Shoemaker is no stranger to being a mom. Thirteen years ago, she gave birth to fraternal twins, Sydney and Ryder. However, her recent pregnancy with her son Colt, born last November, was much different than her previous pregnancy.

Early on in this pregnancy, Shoemaker’s health care provider at Sanford Health in Bismarck, North Dakota, Megan Miller, M.D., obstetrics and gynecology, noticed her blood pressure was starting to get a little high. To help ensure the safety of both mom and baby, Dr. Miller referred Shoemaker to Ana Tobiasz, M.D., maternal fetal medicine, who focuses on high risk pregnancies.

Dr. Miller and Dr. Tobiasz worked together to provide the best care possible for Shoemaker and make sure she and the baby were healthy and strong. However, as her pregnancy progressed, her blood pressure worsened and she was diagnosed with preeclampsia and put on bed rest. When Shoemaker’s condition began to worsen yet again, Dr. Miller made the decision to deliver Colt early, at just over 35 weeks.

“Even though I had a difficult pregnancy, I always felt safe and that I was being well taken care of,” said Shoemaker, inpatient clinical care leader in Sanford Birth Center in Bismarck. “Everyone worked quickly and confidently to make sure my baby was born safely.”

While she has helped several other women become mothers working in the birth center, it’s a whole new experience every time when giving birth to your own child. Because of the maternal fetal medicine service and the combined care of Dr. Miller and Dr. Tobiasz, Shoemaker said she had a great experience becoming a mom at Sanford Health.

“No matter what your situation is — if it’s your first baby or your fifth baby, Sanford is an amazing place to experience pregnancy, birth and the first days of being a new mom,” Shoemaker said. “Even though Colt wasn’t my first child, they still made me feel like a new mom and made me feel very special.”


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