Baby basics for dad

Tips to keep dad involved after bringing baby home.

Baby basics for dad

Being a dad is an amazing experience, but sometimes fathers can feel left out when the new baby comes home. One of the best things you can do is communicate with your partner and ask how you can support her and baby and understand how to keep your baby safe.

Car Seat Safety

  • Make sure baby is traveling safe by using a car seat.
  • Have your car seat checked at the Sanford Children’s Safety Center.

Sleep Safety

Remember the ABC’s when putting baby to sleep:

  • Alone: Baby should sleep in the same room as the parents, but not in the same bed.
  • Back: An infant should always sleep on its back.
  • Crib: Keep your baby’s crib clutter-free. No quilts, duvets, bumper pads, stuffed animals, etc.

Supporting Your Partner

Be prepared to listen and find ways to support your partner and baby, as your partner will still be recovering from giving birth. Here are a few easy ways to get involved:

  • Comfort and play with your baby.
  • Give your baby baths.
  • Hold and rock your baby.
  • Change your baby’s diapers.
  • Wash bottles, clothes, bedding, etc.
  • Get the diaper bag ready when leaving the house.
  • Support your partner during breastfeeding by helping her get comfortable and bring baby to her when she is resting versus her having to get up and get baby.

Understanding Crying

  • Crying is how a baby communicates. Babies cry for many reasons such as being hungry, tired, uncomfortable, wanting to be held or because a diaper change is needed. Crying will not hurt your baby.
  • There are times when you need a break from the crying. It is okay to put your baby in her crib and walk out of the room for a few minutes to take some deep breaths and relax.
  • When you are tense, that can lead to your baby feeling stressed and the crying can likely intensify.
  • For some babies it is common for crying to intensify when they are about 6 weeks old.
  • The Period of PURPLE Crying® which provides insight to the sudden onset of an increase in a baby’s crying.

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