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Rural nursing: What’s nice about small-town care

"You never know what’s going to come through your door next.”
SHN Staff 5 min read
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Former patient becomes nurse because of childhood care

Letter from one of her care givers provided inspiration. "I get to see patients over and over again and establish that connection."
Hannah Nieman 5 min read
Oncology nurse helping patient

Celebrate all that oncology nurses do

To their patients, oncology nurses are: educators, advocates, confidants and much more.
Corinne Kompelien, RN, OCN 4 min read
Jennifer standing in front of Sanford AirMed helicopter

AirMed saves life of Brookings teacher

For Jennifer Moser, Sept. 2, 2016, started like any other day. The 27-year-old went to work teaching art to elementary school students in Brookings and then left town for the weekend to visit family in Miller, South Dakota. She only made it 10 miles when a car crossed the center line and hit Moser’s vehicle […]
Kay Todd 4 min read
Air Ambulance nurse preparing for take off.

Sanford AirMed: Air ambulances provide care in the air

If you ever watch a medical drama television show, you often see a patient being rushed into the emergency department and the medical staff immediately caring for the person. But how does the patient get there? For rural states like those served by Sanford Health, an air ambulance service is crucial to transport patients needing […]
Jon Berg 6 min read
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Nursing in a team environment: Ready for anything

The Sanford Medical Center Fargo towers above its surroundings. It’s one of the most technologically advanced medical centers in the nation. That includes the operating rooms where the staff is never sure what each day will bring. “Every day is a different day,” said Abby Saunders, R.N., a clinical care lead at the hospital, which […]
Shawn Neisteadt 3 min read
labor nurse helping mother in bathroom

Labor nurses bring calm to storm of new motherhood

Viral photo reminds mom of all the help she got while giving birth
Jacqueline Palfy 7 min read
Abdu Frederickson, a nursing assistant who will travel to Bangladesh

Nursing assistant travels to Bangladesh for medical mission

Abdu Frederickson, a nursing assistant at Sanford Health, will travel more than 7,500 miles next week from the Fargo-Moorhead area to Bangladesh to help at a clinic in a refugee camp. He along with others, including Sanford Health physician Mohamed Sanaullah, will make the Jan. 25 trip to help Rohingya refugees who have been driven […]
SHN Staff 1 min read

Sanford AirMed services to launch in Dickinson, N.D.

The western North Dakota region around Dickinson will soon be home to Sanford AirMed, an air ambulance service that provides medical transport for critically ill or injured patients. The move comes as Spirit Lifeline and its parent company, Texas-based Med-Trans, a national provider of air transport services, made the decision to close its office in […]
SHN Staff 5 min read

Sanford AirMed helicopter service to launch in Bismarck

The Bismarck region of Sanford Health will soon operate Sanford AirMed, an air ambulance helicopter service that provides medical transport to critically ill or injured patients. Sanford AirMed consists of a highly trained team of flight paramedics, flight nurses, pilots and mechanics chosen for their expertise in their fields. A flight paramedic, flight nurse and […]
SHN Staff 3 min read