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High school students suit up in PPE to watch a simulated surgery, while medical personnel explain their roles during a Sanford MedX class

Sanford MedX gives teens close look at hospital roles

Program introduces the wide variety of jobs available in health care field
Jane Thaden Lawson 15 min read
A woman reaches for a grocery item in a refigerator case offering groceries for convenience at a Sanford Health food services spot

Sanford food service adds grocery items to help caregivers

After a long hospital shift, 'pantry to go' can eliminate a stop on the way home
Mick Garry 9 min read
While few people see the laundry department at Sanford Health, it serves a vital role in health care while churning out more than 25,000 pounds of clean laundry per day. The laundry department at Sanford Health employees 40 people and cleans more than 25,000 pounds of laundry per day.

A look at Sanford laundry: Crew cleans 25,000 pounds a day

Laundry team helps to keep everyone safe from infection, including COVID-19
Mick Garry 7 min read
Ethan Erickson sits in a wheelchair petting a fish.

Cancer patient, 12, gets one last fishing trip — at hospital

Sanford Health and state agency quickly pulled off surprise for boy & family
Jane Thaden Lawson 19 min read
Little boy named Cruz in hospital bed after stroke surgery

Strokes: 5 surprising facts about who’s at risk

Knowing what to do can save a life.
Pat Miller 8 min read
Carol Cressman sitting at a table and smiling

Carol Cressman: ‘Sanford Health believes in kids’

Pediatrics director appreciates her roles in Castle of Care, flight nursing
Jared Leighton 11 min read
Several children, along with nurses, are sitting in wheelchairs or lying in beds on a deck attached to Sioux Valley Hospital in this historic photo from the 1940s. Community.

Sanford Health’s history of service to patients, community

Facing epidemics, or one patient's fear, employees try to make a difference
Jane Thaden Lawson 12 min read
Baby getting checked by a nurse on a table

Innovating is part of Sanford Health’s DNA

Employee ideas wanted, from big to small: "Innovation is just solving problems."
Carson Walker 16 min read
A young man sits on a cough between his parents. Family photos and a sign that says "Olson" are displayed on the wall behind them.

Sanford AirMed: A crucial health service in rural Midwest

“He wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the air ambulance."
Jon Berg 5 min read
Golfer silhouetted against driving range at Sanford Health's Great Shots facility.

Great Shots promises great entertainment – in golf and more

The Sanford Sports Complex facility will open in the fall for year-round play
Terry Vandrovec 9 min read