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A Sanford Health minivan courier carries mail and vaccines down a rural road in winter.

COVID-19 FAQs: How will Sanford Health deliver vaccines?

Months of prep for COVID-19 vaccine include ultracold freezers, rural couriers
Mick Garry 6 min read
Dr. Avish receives the Pfizer vaccine

After COVID-19 vaccine: What are the side effects?

Patients can expect slight arm soreness for 18-24 hours, similar to other shots
Simon Floss 4 min read

First Sanford Sioux Falls caregivers get COVID-19 vaccine

Health leaders, caregivers hopeful this is a turning point in the pandemic
Courtney Collen 6 min read
Purple-capped vials of COVID-19 vaccine sit in a blue tray at Sanford Health.

The COVID-19 vaccine: Why you should get a shot

With vaccine approved, end of pandemic is in sight, say Sanford Health officials
Mick Garry 8 min read
Two men in surgical masks and black shirts lift a white shipping box of COVID-19 vaccine off a cart.

Sanford Health receives first shipments of COVID-19 vaccine

Front-line health care workers and long-term care workers start vaccinations
Nathan Aamodt 5 min read
Dr. Jeremy Cauwels sits down with Courtney Collen for a Facebook Live event

Sanford chief physician: COVID-19 vaccine a ‘game-changer’

"This is the best option we have so we don't repeat what happened this year"
Courtney Collen 10 min read
Dr. Gregory Johnson sits with Matt Holsen from SHN.

Long-term care partners with pharmacies on COVID-19 vaccine

Good Samaritan Society, CVS hope to begin vaccinating by January
Matt Holsen 8 min read
Randy Bury and Matt Holsen sit down for a Facebook event

Good Samaritan Society CEO: There’s hope for end of pandemic

Mask up, celebrate holidays safely until everyone gets vaccine, says Randy Bury
Matt Holsen 5 min read
dad giving son a piggy back ride

The importance of vaccination

Why vaccinate, when to vaccinate, and how to stay on schedule
SHN Staff 3 min read
Dr. Susan Hoover and Dr. Allison Suttle join Sanford Health News for a Facebook Live

Vaccine ‘promising’ as virus spreads across Upper Midwest

If we're all responsible, COVID-19 numbers will go down, says Dr. Suttle
Courtney Collen 10 min read