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Woman warming up before training in the weight room.

Caffeine + exercise: A winning combo?

What science says about a cup (or two) of coffee before your workout
Ellen Koester 4 min read
Assorted nuts in white dishes on wooden table.

7 healthy snacks for athletes on the go

When rushing to practice, reach for these healthier foods for the road
Justin Kautz 4 min read
Grandmother and granddaughter baking cupcakes together.

How your grandmother’s diet could affect you

You are what you eat? Turns out it’s what Grandma eats, Baack Lab suggests
Simon Floss 8 min read
Screen shot from NBC Today show, with woman on video call on large screen at left and three TV hosts seated facing her on the right.

Sanford Fargo patient shares weight loss on ‘Today’ show

NDSU student lost 100 pounds with help from Sanford Health weight loss clinic
Jason Anschutz 6 min read
Architectural rendering of Sanford Digestive Health Center with a tower on one end and parking lot in front.

GI medical education will be part of new building at Sanford

Sanford Digestive Health Center will offer the first GI fellowship in the Dakotas
Simon Floss 6 min read
Active middle aged man sitting down on a sunny trail with air pods in his ears.

Colonoscopies: Debunking the myths

Procedure can help prevent colon cancer (and you might not even remember it)
Katie Wright 6 min read
Mature woman takes a selfie in a pink and gold bedroom.

Bemidji woman loses 90 lbs. with help of Sanford nutrition

Supportive staff and program help get diabetes, weight and health under control
Jason Anschutz 6 min read
Dr. Bruce Gardner, who invented the Safety Foley Urinary Catheter.

Urinary catheter to prevent pullout injuries ready for FDA

Quick-release Foley catheter would improve safety for hospital patients
Carson Walker 11 min read
Father and son drinking water, talking at kitchen sink

Resolutions busted already? Here are some quick fixes

Don't wait for next year to reset your goals. You can start fresh each week.
Michelle Erpenbach 5 min read
plant-based diet: Modern dad washing carrots in the sink. His 6-year-old daughter hugs him.

Plant-based eating without missing key nutrients

Going vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian? Get all the nutrition you need
SHN Staff 6 min read