10 easy ways moms can nurture themselves

Feeling run down? Being a mom takes a lot out of you.

10 easy ways moms can nurture themselves

Why is it so easy for moms to feel tired and drained? The reasons vary, but one common reason is the stress of juggling multiple tasks. Your brain becomes overloaded and overwhelmed. This mental fog can result in a sense of feeling exhausted. And this feeling doesn’t disappear, even with a good night’s sleep. And over time it can become a way of life that zaps you from enjoying life and motherhood.

To help clear your mind, try out these 10 tips to boost your energy and get you out of that “mommy fog:”

  1. Find private time each day, even if it’s only for a few moments. Find time to reflect, relax, rest and renew.
  2. Have a special spot for your private time. Having a designated spot can get your mind to relax faster. With a special spot, your mind already knows what is expected of it there.
  3. Take a short walk, preferably in the daytime to soak in the healing property of sunlight.
  4. Connect with a friend. Schedule time in your calendar to call or email a friend. Friendships are important. Make them a priority.
  5. Take a relaxing bath. Set the mood with fragrance, music, lighting or candles.
  6. Read short books or magazines. Find short, quick reads that give you the chance to ‘get away’– even for a moment.
  7. Learn two to three yoga poses. Yoga is an excellent way to quickly refocus and re-energize.
  8. A few deep breaths can do a body good. Physiologically and emotionally taking deep, intentional breaths can bring you back into balance.
  9. Take a few moments to stretch your arms, legs, back and neck. Stretching helps to maintain good flexibility and releases tension. Carrying a baby is hard on your body. Give it a chance to re-group.
  10. Grab a journal. There are no rules for journaling and writing can be a great way to release frustrations and fears or remember captured memories.

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