Home kit, app bring patients convenient medical care

Patients can remotely perform live, guided exams with a Sanford doctor

Home kit, app bring patients convenient medical care

Sanford Health announced its partnership with TytoCare, the health care industry’s first all-in-one modular device and telehealth platform for on-demand, remote medical exams, to expand its telehealth offering.

The addition of TytoCare’s live, physician-guided exams to Sanford’s virtual care technology will enhance doctors’ remote diagnosis and treatment capabilities. Sanford is the exclusive TytoHome provider in the region, spanning North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.

On-demand medical examinations

The partnership enables Sanford patients to remotely perform live, guided physical examinations with a Sanford doctor using the TytoHome exam kit and app and receive a diagnosis and prescription if needed. This allows doctors to make better informed diagnoses and treatment decisions by providing them with additional, high-quality clinical data.

Equipped with TytoCare’s on-demand exam capabilities, Sanford patients will be empowered to seek medical attention and connect with their doctor whenever necessary. The home kit includes a camera, basal thermometer, otoscope and stethoscope adapters and a tongue depressor.

“This technology will create interpersonal encounters between patients and doctors that would have been impossible just a few years ago,” said Josh Crabtree, M.D., senior vice president of clinic operations at Sanford. “Our aim is to deliver quality medical attention to all our patients, whether they live in rural, isolated areas or otherwise face difficulty reaching a doctor.

“Partnering with TytoCare will change how patients interact with their doctor and get the same quality exam previously only available during face to face visits. Now we can diagnose and treat in real-time acute conditions like ear infections, sinus infections, cold and flu, aches and pains, rashes and pink eye — without the patient leaving their home.”

24/7 virtual telemedicine consultations

Sanford’s virtual care technology provides patients access to care 24/7, 365 days a year via interactive video consultations, patient monitoring, and educational programming. The telemedicine offering provides access to expert care without the barriers of travel or time. TytoCare’s handheld modular examination device examines the heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat, and abdomen, and measures body temperature to enable remote diagnosis of acute care situations.

‘Leading the way in digitizing health care’

“Sanford has chosen TytoCare to lead the way in digitizing health care and we are thrilled that they are the first health system in the country to implement our end-to-end platform,” said Dedi Gilad, CEO and co-founder of TytoCare. “Tyto is enabling Sanford to enhance its virtual care offerings, allowing for more comprehensive diagnoses and treatment anytime, anywhere.”

Availability nationwide

TytoCare is available to anyone nationwide. People near Sanford locations will be connected to a Sanford provider based on their location at the time they request an exam. The exam kits are available on sanfordhealth.org, in Sanford Health Equip locations, Best Buy locations and online at bestbuy.com.

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