RN pivoted from photojournalist to award-winning nurse

Patients recognize home care nurse Nicole Bock for her character and compassion

RN pivoted from photojournalist to award-winning nurse

“Working from home” is a pandemic essential for some.

Nicole Bock, RN, always on the road, is an essential nurse doing all her work from your home.

“I go around and see patients in their home and help them with any nursing needs they have,” Bock, an RN case manager, says.

The Good Samaritan Society – Home Care (Robbinsdale) team member in Minnesota is caring for a handful of patients every day.

“You kind of get to see them on their turf a little bit instead of in the hospital,” Bock says. “My office is everywhere.”

Teaching others about their medications, taking care of wounds and lab draws are just some of the tasks the eight-year nurse is counted on to complete.

‘I feel I can ask her anything’

Patient Nancy D. Loehr says Bock “makes me feel comfortable and I feel I can ask her anything.”

Elevating people’s health is Bock’s goal. Elite at taking care of clients, she is being honored with The DAISY Award for extraordinary nurses.

“I was beyond shocked. I had no idea. Beyond shocked,” Bock says. “Very honored and I love that they felt that I was worthy of this.”

Work with us: Nursing excellence at Sanford Health and Good Samaritan Society

Going above and beyond for those she cares for and for her teammates is why she’s getting well-deserved recognition.

“I like helping people,” Bock says.

She pivoted to a nursing career when a four-year degree in photojournalism produced few opportunities.

‘She’s very special to us’

Linda Stokes says Bock’s care for her husband Otis, who is fighting cancer, is keeping her family safe and putting them at ease.

“She’s very special to us. Good Samaritan was just good to us period,” Linda says. “It’s hard when you don’t know or understand anything about medicine. To have someone who comes in and doesn’t talk down to you, explains to you simply what you can do but clearly cares about what she’s doing.”

That effort prompted Linda and Otis to type up a letter of gratitude.

“Nicole said whatever you need is what we will do when we come into your home. Period. Everyone who came in on this team, walked in and said I want you to know I’ve been vaccinated. I’ve been boosted,” Linda says.

A humble team player, Bock says the kind words mean a lot.

“It makes it all worth it just knowing that people appreciate it and I’m making a difference,” Bock says.

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