Culture, education lead to 4th Magnet honor in Bismarck

Magnet designation is the highest national award for professional nursing

Culture, education lead to 4th Magnet honor in Bismarck

If you ask Wendy Kopp, Ph.D., the Sanford Bismarck vice president of nursing and clinical services, a curious and supportive culture is what makes her teams so special.

“A commitment to ongoing education and professional development opportunities allows our nursing staff to provide high-quality care, leading to better patient outcomes,” she said.

The high level of care her teams provide is no secret to those at Sanford, and it’s no secret to those outside of Sanford’s walls. For the fourth time, Sanford Medical Center – Bismarck has achieved a Magnet designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

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What is a Magnet designation?

The Magnet designation, according to the Journal of Nursing Care Quality, “is the highest level of recognition that the ANCC offers to health care organizations employing registered nurses.”

“The Magnet outlines strict criteria to receive its prestigious designation,” said Dr. Kopp.

Two big reasons for the designation, Dr. Kopp said: the SAFE (Sanford Accountability for Excellence) culture at Sanford, which is a program created to ensure the safest possible practices and outcomes at the bedside; and constant support from Sanford Health leaders.

“To be Magnet, there must be a solid foundation, and for us that foundation is our shared governance structure. At Sanford Health Bismarck, we have incredible nurses and team members who share a seat at the table for those important practice decisions,” she said.

Keeping top nursing talent at Sanford

Another reason for the continued designations, Dr. Kopp said, is Sanford’s ability to attract and retain top-talent nurses.

“Our commitment to professional development also leads to the enhancement of overall quality of care through retention of top nursing talent. Professional development opportunities allow our nurses the opportunity to advance in their careers thus retaining that top nursing talent that contribute to those positive patient outcomes.

“In summary, the dedication of education and professional development is a key factor in the ongoing success of our Magnet designation, resulting in improved patient care, staff satisfaction, and overall excellence in health care.”

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