Stationary or mobile, heart screenings catch problems early

"Get it done. You're the one who is in charge of your own health."

Stationary or mobile, heart screenings catch problems early

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.

By far the best way to both prevent and catch problems early is through heart and vascular screenings.

Sanford Health has the ability to bring the screenings on the road.

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Consistent screenings

Dana Nystuen is a radiologic technologist at Sanford Health. She says heart attacks aren’t immediate, so consistent screenings are critical.

“You don’t have a heart attacks overnight. It’s something that builds up over time.

“Screenings can really save your life if you catch it early enough. So, early prevention and vigilance I think is really, really important,” said Nystuen.

In fact, Tom Stys, M.D., interventional cardiologist and medical director for Sanford Cardiovascular Institute, says problems can start before a patient even knows it.

“It starts years before anything can happen. A lot of our patients will live with plaque in their arteries and essentially allow it to keep growing until something happens,” he said.

Quality care, on-the-go

With the use of the mobile screening truck, Sanford Health is making this option available to anyone, no matter where they live.

Dr. Stys says the experience on the mobile truck is no different than going to the hospital.

“Our mobile units are just as accurate, precise, and reliable as far as calcium scoring and screening as stationary units in any institution.”

Nystuen echos Dr. Stys, and asks that patients wouldn’t put screenings off.

“Come in and get it done. You’re the one who is in charge of your own health, and there’s no excuse for it, especially if it’s preventable.”

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