Kick boredom with healthy choices

Healthy habits come in handy when the kids get antsy

Kick boredom with healthy choices

Boredom can sneak up on the best of us, but kids seem to experience it more often than we do.

And the hard part about being bored? No matter your age, we all know the struggle of finding something to do while encouraging healthy choices. It’s easy to find something mindless to distract your kids with, like playing video games or scrolling on social media. But that doesn’t have to be the solution to your child’s boredom every time it comes around.

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Ready to try something new to kick that boredom out? Here are some questions your kids can ask themselves when they are looking for something to do:

Q: Does my body really want a snack?

We’ve all heard this question before, “Am I really hungry or am I just feeling bored?” What kids might not realize about feeling bored, sad, or stressed is that it can lead to overeating or mindless snacking. So what can your kids do?

Try an activity for 15 minutes like reading a book or taking a walk. Still leaning toward enjoying a snack? No worries. Encourage kids to fuel their bodies by making a fun snack like Banana Berry Yogurt Parfait or Rainbow Fruit Pizza. And don’t forget to have a glass of water or milk with it.

Q: Does my body want to watch TV or play a video game?

Sure, there are cool games and funny shows to watch but spending a lot of time sitting and staring at a screen can actually create more boredom. So encourage your child to ask themselves why they want to watch TV.

If the answer is to relax and recharge, offer a few different options and activities that they can do or you can do as a family to keep screen time minimal. If your child is frequently turning to screen time as a solution to boredom, encourage them to try movement or creative activities for a while. Offer options like journaling, drawing, or listening to music and watch them forget they were even bored at all.

Q: Does my body want to move?

If it does, that’s an excellent choice! Exercise and play are great ways to eliminate boredom. It can also help kids feel more relaxed and create a strong body and brain. Encourage kids to jump rope on the sidewalk, do the monkey bars on the playground, or even head out on a nature hike. Stuck inside? Build an obstacle course with pillows and blankets or play catch with a soft item like socks.

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