Enjoying a healthier Thanksgiving meal and day

Learn tips from nutritionists and swap heavier recipes for healthier ones

Enjoying a healthier Thanksgiving meal and day

Thanksgiving is a time of family, friends and food. More often than not, a lot of food! To enjoy the holiday in a healthier way, Profile by Sanford has some thoughtful advice, helpful tips and simple recipe adjustments.

You’re in control

If you are trying to be more mindful of your eating decisions and working to lose or maintain weight, planning for Thanksgiving is crucial. There will be plenty of temptations and favorite foods, but it’s important to remember: You are in control of the food you put into your body — the food is not controlling you. Planning ahead gives you the time to think about how you want to experience the holiday.

Thanksgiving is about being thankful and celebrating with family and friends. The focus does not need to be the food; it’s just one aspect of the day.

If you do overdo it, remember: It’s only one day and you can get right back on your healthy lifestyle plan. Don’t let one minor setback deter you from your health goals.

Helpful tips

  • Treat Thanksgiving like any other day and stick to your regular exercise and eating routine. Don’t skip meals to “save room” for the Thanksgiving feast.
  • Stay hydrated with water or sparkling water. Watch out for empty calories in alcoholic beverages, sodas or juices.
  • If eating buffet-style, look at all of the options you have to choose from and decide which you’ll select and which ones you can live without.
  • Choose a smaller plate if possible. You’ll feel like you’re eating more as the plate will appear more full.
  • Select vegetables, fruits and lean meats first to fill your plate.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy every bite. Once you’ve finished your plate, think about how you feel before considering any second helpings. Your stomach may be more full than your brain may think.

Simple Thanksgiving recipe swaps

Enjoying holiday favorites can be a bit healthier with a few simple swaps in cooking methods or ingredients. Check out these tasty Profile by Sanford recipes for your holiday menu:

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