Sanford Health drives conversation at national conference

Business and strategy leaders bring home lessons on AI, patient experience and more

Sanford Health drives conversation at national conference

The future of health care — including using artificial intelligence, combatting burnout, managing nursing workforce challenges, navigating public policies, forecasting population health, and leveraging technology to enhance the patient experience — was the key theme Sanford Health leaders discussed during a series of fireside chats, panels and roundtable discussions at the Becker’s 14th Annual Meeting.

Seven of Sanford’s business and strategy leaders led panel conversations and keynotes during the four-day event in Chicago, organized by Becker’s Healthcare. CEOs and other leaders from systems across the country were invited to discuss growth strategies and culture.

“One learning point I’m taking away is that AI is really becoming part of our practices,” Sanford Health Chief Medical Officer Jeremy Cauwels, M.D., said. “It’s being integrated in ways that are not only intelligent and helping our patients – but also time-saving.”

Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer Jared Antczak said artificial intelligence holds tremendous promise for health care if deployed safely, responsibly and transparently.

“There’s so much potential for these advanced technologies but at the end of the day, they’re really only impactful and valuable if they’re designed around the people they’re intended to serve, whether those people are our workforce, clinicians, or patients and consumers,” Antczak told Sanford Health News.

Martha Leclerc, vice president of corporate contracting and strategic reimbursement, said the uncertainty in Washington, D.C., is top of mind for many attendees at the conference. Leclerc was invited to speak on the economics and policies shaping the future of health care.

“We’re always waiting for that next decision or issue to be resolved,” Leclerc told Sanford Health News. “That trickles down and has a big impact on all of us, especially in the rural setting.

“Our conversations have included the fact that we need to continue constantly educating our elected officials, so they really understand the issues we’re facing in the field in delivering health care.”

Sanford Health News caught up with each of the leaders to recap their respective panels and conversations they had with other health experts in their fields. Corporate leaders in attendance included:

Jeremy Cauwels

Dr. Cauwels participated in two panels centered on workforce and leveraging technology: “Hospital Workforce Reimagined: Where Top Systems Are Headed” and “Expanding Patient Care Beyond Hospital Walls: Leveraging Emerging Technologies.”

Emily Griese

Dr. Griese joined two panels to discuss population health and a blueprint for leaders to follow: “Population Health in the Next 5 Years: Where Health Plans Are Headed” and “The CEO’s Guide to Navigating Disruption and Rethinking Business Models.”

Erica DeBoer

DeBoer took part in two panels with a focus on preparing for future nursing staff and health equity: “The Nursing Workforce: Big Ideas for the Next Generation” and “Health Equity Spotlight: How to Move the Needle and Execute on Great Ideas.”

Brad Reimer

Reimer’s two panels focused on potential moves for technology and retail giants in the health care space: “Amazon, Google and Walmart: What is their Next Health Care Play?” and “The Data Economy: Who Does it Best and What’s Next for Health Care.”

Jared Antczak

Antczak took part in a panel on the future of AI in health care: “Digital Technology and AI Strategies to Win the Next 5 Years.”

Heather Spies

Dr. Spies participated in two panels discussing clinician well-being.

Martha Leclerc

Leclerc’s panel discussion relates to the financial side of the industry; The Economics and Policies Shaping the Future of Healthcare.

This is the third consecutive year Sanford Health leaders have taken part in the Becker’s Annual Meeting following its return to an in-person setting after the pandemic.

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