Meet your health care needs with Sanford Health Equip

Sanford Health Healthcare Accessories, Home Medical Equipment now under one roof

Meet your health care needs with Sanford Health Equip

Sanford Health is making it easier than ever for patients to access home medical equipment and daily living aids.

Sanford Health Healthcare Accessories and Sanford Health Home Medical Equipment have merged together to become Sanford Health Equip.

“The transition to Sanford Health Equip will be a slow progression, but in each of our locations you’ll notice changes taking place whether it’s new signage, a refreshed store experience, or even small changes like the bags patients take products home in,” said Kirsten Schaeffer, Sanford Health Equip director of business development and strategy.

Working together

Schaffer says the announcement marks the beginning of an exciting time.

“With patients and their needs being the primary focus, the team has made a commitment to making care as easy as possible. The merging of these two organizations into Sanford Health Equip allows us to enhance our services in the communities we’re in today, and the opportunity to expand our services across the Sanford Health footprint,” she said.

Schaffer says with the experts from each organization now under one roof, “what we can all do is going to be amazing.”

“Sanford Health Equip offers patients a wide selection of home medical products and health care accessories, but what makes our locations unique is the tailored service that we provide to our patients.

“While patients may come in for a singular product, we’re offering them our expertise and focusing on their overall health needs rather than the product they are coming in for,” she said.

Schaffer said patients will find their needs met with the following products and services offered:

  • CPAP equipment
  • Rehab equipment and mobility aids
  • Home respiratory and oxygen products
  • Orthotic and pedorthic devices
  • Prosthetics
  • Breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies
  • Mastectomy supplies

“And so much more,” Schaffer said.

You can also see a full list at Sanford Health Equip‘s website, she added.

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Sanford Health provides care across the majority of the Upper Midwest. John Lowry, executive director for supply chain management, says the makeover will allow more crossover between Sanford Health regions.

“We’ll be able to create more efficiencies, more standardization across our processes and products. It allows us to expand our services in a lot of the markets,” said Lowry.

Caring for every patient

Schaffer says this decision stemmed from Sanford’s commitment to make care as easy as possible.

“In all of the decisions and all of the changes that we have going on, we are making sure the patient is coming first. The patient is our number one priority.

“Our business is a need-based business, not a want-based business. So, many patients who come through our doors, this could be a life changing situation that they’re put in. We want to make this as comfortable as possible,” she said.

Patients will also notice a new website, and renovated stores across Sanford communities.

Schaffer says patients will notice differences in the appearance, but can continue to depend on the same high-quality care they’re used to.

“While there’s differences in the branding, what you can expect to receive is the expert level of care you’re used to receiving, delivered by the same familiar faces in each of the communities we serve,” said Schaffer.

“The services that our stores previously provided will continue to be provided. In fact, we look at opportunities to expand those services, whether it’s in our products or in our service lines themselves. The care and level of skill that patients have received from our stores in the past; we’ll continue that high level of customer service, and provide additional products,” added Lowry.

Finding a store

Lowry said previous stores that offered home medical services will all stay in their current locations, but will be renamed.

There are 29 other stores across Sanford’s communities that will undergo the Equip re-brand.

Lowry said if patients have any questions regarding store location, what devices are offered, or questions over insurance, Sanford Health Equip has “very skilled, very caring employees,” who are happy to answer any questions.

“When patients come to us, we’re able to provide them the ability to navigate the needs they have and fit them with the proper pieces of equipment they need.”

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