Oliver, Olivia top baby names of 2022 at Sanford Health

Oliver once again tops the list, while Hudson and Ava are the next most popular

A one-day-old newborn infant yawns in their crib in the hospital.

For the second year in a row, Oliver topped the list as the most popular name for newborn boys born at Sanford Health in 2022. For girls, Olivia was the most popular name, moving up four spots from number five in 2021.

Clinching the second-place spot for most popular boy names is Hudson, while Ava came in second for girl names.

Moving up one spot from 2021 in both boys and girls categories, Liam moved to the number three spot for boys, while Evelyn came in third for girls. Both Liam and Evelyn placed fourth in 2021.

The top five 2022 baby names born at Sanford Health can be found below.


1. Oliver

2. Hudson

3. Liam

4. Theodore

5. William, Brooks (tied)


1. Olivia

2. Ava

3. Evelyn

4. Harper, Emma, Amelia (tied)

7. Eleanor

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