Lions Club donates over 300 blankets to Sanford Children’s

Handmade tie blankets offer ‘a little piece of home away from home’

Lions Club donates over 300 blankets to Sanford Children’s

A Lions Club group in Jackson, Minnesota, recently donated more than 300 blankets to Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

“We were happy to do this as a service project for the children that need them,” Don Kuehl, a District 5M3 Lions Club member, said.

How you can help: Sanford Health is accepting donations to help fight COVID-19

Members of the Lions Club made the tie blankets by hand, and Diana Kuehl, Don’s wife, embroidered the state of the Minnesota onto each blanket.

“We felt that children needed that little extra something,” Diana Kuehl said. “It means a lot to us to be able to give blankets to these children.”

The Kuehls and four other Lions Club members delivered the blankets in person to those staying at the hospital.

Don Kuehl helped make the donation possible through his connection with the Sanford Health Network, where he serves as chair for the board of directors.

As part of the Sanford Health system, the Sanford Health Network provides specialty care for those in Sanford’s rural communities. The network enables Sanford to reach people across the Midwest and provide specialty care in areas where it’s needed most.

The Lions Club plans to continue donating each year to the children’s hospital.

Amber Schweigert, a mom from Spearfish, South Dakota, said her own little patient will appreciate the gift.

“It’s like a little piece of home, away from home,” Schweigert said. “It will make my son feel less anxious and more at home while he’s here in the hospital. Instead of worrying about the tubes he has in, he can look at the frogs on his new blanket.”

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