Fur baby, meet newborn baby

Prepare your pet for a baby by introducing new sounds, smells and routines early

Fur baby, meet newborn baby

Our pets are part of the family, playing an important role in our life and happiness.

Similar to with a younger sibling, a new baby changes your fur baby’s family dynamic. Creating a seamless transition for your newborn baby and fur baby is possible by preparing your pet properly.

Steps to prepare your pet

Begin preparing your pet early in pregnancy.

  1. Play baby sounds and noises throughout your pregnancy and begin to rub baby lotion on your hands to get your pet used to the new smell.
  2. When the nursery is being set up, give your pet time to explore the new items and get used to the change.
  3. If you want your pet to stay away from the crib or out of the nursery, a baby gate at the door is a good option for a dog, and shutting the door will keep a cat out. Train your pet to stay out of the nursery early, before baby is born.
  4. Line up who will take care of your pet during labor, delivery and your stay at the hospital. Immediately before bringing baby home, have the pet-sitter take your dog on a long walk to expend their extra energy and keep calm.
  5. Once baby is born, take home a blanket or burp cloth with the baby’s scent so your pet can investigate the new smell.

Once baby is home, don’t forget your pet! Pay attention to your fur baby and maintain your current pet routines consistently. Begin transitioning your pet to any necessary routine changes, such as feeding times, grooming, play sessions and sleep locations, early.

Most importantly, show your pet love as you did before your new baby arrived and incorporate your pet as often as possible.

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