An easy formula for becoming a fit family

Increase healthy habits four ways: recharge, mood, food, move

An easy formula for becoming a fit family

When someone thinks of being fit, they often think about being in good physical shape. You can also look at being fit as making healthy choices for your body and mind every day.

The suggestions below can teach you what you can do to help activate your family to be fit.

Make sure your children get their rest

  • When children are well rested, they have more energy to be physically active.
  • Well-rested children have more control over their emotions.
  • Sleep plays a role in helping children appropriately read their hunger cues. Sleep-deprived children may incorrectly read their hunger cues and think they are hungry when they are really just tired.

Help your children learn to manage their emotions to make healthy choices

  • Our emotions impact our choices every day.
  • When children are sad, mad, upset, tired or angry they often make unhealthy food choices as opposed to when they are well-rested and in a positive emotional state.
  • Help your children find healthy ways to get into a positive state of mind so they can motivate themselves to make healthy choices.

Encourage and monitor healthy food choices

Food is fuel for the body and brain. Just like cars run on better fuel, so do we.

Consider these tips to help manage your child’s calorie intake:

  • Limit the amount of sugar your child has in a day. A great way to limit sugar is to limit sweetened beverages; give your child water to drink instead. Add a twist of lemon to add flavor.
  • Children typically need to eat more vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are great mind and body fuel! Expose your child to fruits and vegetables at meal and snack times.
  • Be patient. A child may need to be exposed to a new food 10-15 times before they are willing to try the new food.

Get your kids moving every day

Not only is physical activity essential in order for children to develop, but it also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy weight and preventing childhood obesity.

Children mostly sit while they are learning and while they are being entertained by television and other screens.

One simple way to get kids up and moving is to use a timer when your children are using screens. Set the timer for 15 minutes and when it goes off, they have to put on their favorite music and dance or move around.

Be a fit family. Get your rest and motivate yourself to make healthy food and physical activity choices throughout your day.

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