9 ways parents can take some stress out of their day

Self-care helps give your children a secure foundation, too

9 ways parents can take some stress out of their day

Parenting can be stressful. Whether you are working or staying at home, whether you are single or married, remaining cool and calm can help you and your child thrive.

Taking time to renew and recharge is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  Check out these simple ways to take stress out of your day. Find what works for you.

  1. Go outside. Fresh air and natural light provide an instant recharge.
  2. Take a break. Place your child in a safe location and go into a different room. Do some relaxing stretches for 30 seconds.
  3. Breathe deeply. Breathe in through nose: Think, “ Calm.”  Breathe out through mouth: Think, “Let it go.”
  4. Exercise. When we think about things that are upsetting, our body tenses up and we add to our stress. Any physical activity releases endorphins into the brain that in turn relax the body and mind. Even 10 minutes can help.
  5. Listen to music. Find a relaxing song to change the mood. Or if you are looking for a little energy, find a fun, upbeat song, turn it up, dance and sing out loud!
  6. Call a friend. Research has shown that friendships play an important role in helping to manage day-to-day stress. Find a friend to visit, spend the day with or call just to catch up.
  7. Play a game. Find ways to be playful, and make caregiving routines a game. Take your mind off what’s stressing you and do something fun.
  8. Laugh. Laughing is contagious and good for your brain. Even watching a short funny clip can be de-stressing.
  9. Ask for backup.No matter what stage of parenting you are in, it is always ok to ask for help. Whether that looks like babysitting or helping get caught up on household chores, taking one thing off your to-do list will likely help reduce your stress level.

Practice self-care regularly by sprinkling it throughout your day.

Your child needs you to be in-tune, engaged and consistent. If you are distant, less engaged or inconsistent, your child can become clingy, avoidant or insecure. An insecure child could be less likely to go off and explore.

Taking care of you gives your child a secure relationship foundation and gives you the energy to be the nurturing parent your child needs.

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